If Competing Was A Brand Hack You’d Be Out Of Business…

The disadvantage that “Prestige” companies face when branding their brands against old marketing is immense and I wanted to fascinate the playing field and provide confidence against the goliaths we call technology — Laura Ramos

Ever since technology entered 10+ years ago we couldn’t possible predict it would change the game with high-end luxurious brands. Fashion shows are now expected to sell runway fashion at the click of finger rather than wait 6 months in order for it become available.

We have luxurious super-cars that are becoming more innovative especially with “Millennials” and marketing companies which give away cars as incentives.

And so in a world that is becoming more innovative how can you market your “luxurious vehicles” and not let sales plummet?

According to the “Luxury Daily” Luxurious brands are having a difficult time to retain customers…

Music has encouraged celebrity entourages to drive high-end vehicles however the kid who studied science, started his start-up and running it from home is growing and with greater demand to become influential to their friends…

Did you know as “Millennials” personal brand themselves they use luxurious vehicles to drive their brand?

The next best thing besides running a business is what are you driving? Read an article that said we are like our cars? The type of car you drive describes how you are perceived… True?

One thing I’ve noticed is the different type of high-end luxurious vehicles from Bentley’s to Ferraris and the marketing that’s been more prominent in social media.

Maserati just began marketing on television which that has never happened! That was a shocker! Talk about Passion! ❤

One thing about Prestigious brands is they arouse admiration, competition and envy even among their elite class! They compete against each other and that is a big no-no!

The goal is to level-up not compete!

A Bentley is very different than a “Maserati” both luxury, very different and so when both brands are competing against each other both lose! These type of brands need to focus in increasing their value and create a desire to be out of reach for most people but not to the point of distancing your consumers.

The more rare something is the more expensive it becomes ❤

And so the truth is not to get distracted in what the competition is creating but in elevating your fascinating brand that will make consumers take action as when they take action your brand earns respect and when your brand earns respect your everyone wants to know about

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Laura Ramos ❤