If Great Sex Can Make Your Toes Tingle What Does It Say About The Chupacabra?

So I’m sitting next to “Maynard James Keenan”

Rewind a couple years to how I came to find out about “Chupacabra” wine… Worked with a wine connoisseur ex boss that always attended wine tours and such and told about a fun passionate wine that I needed to try! Being that at that time I considered all wines the same I said well, what’s the catch? And she said Oh! I can’t tell you, that you must try! (laughing) If you dare! I gave her that look like Okaaaaaaay! Pretty mysterious aren’t we?

Being that I’m pretty curious had to try that mysterious passionate wine she is saying I would devour! Sex wine?

A couple years later I hear MJK a.k.a tool (you know the famous tool band) is signing wine bottles at local events such as “Wholefoods Market” and Bookstores nearby so I said Hmmm, I want to Goooooo!!! And so it’s all over the news, newspaper not soo much online because technology back then was not too advance like today.

There was no snapchat or instagram or hashtag #wowza for that matter!

For some reason or other I missed the events however there was a wine event at “Amore Vino” a boutique wine store with tastings, that would give locals the opportunity to meet MJK and have him sign your purchased bottles!

I show up and lo and behold there he is!

Signing bottles with everyone and there was an empty seat next to him and so I sit and introduce myself and have him sign my bottle. He is drinking and so I drink samples and must say they were all soo amazing! Sitting next to him was empowering. Felt his powerful presence. Quiet yet powerful to even intimidate anyone! Kind of like his wines

Quiet with a Pow!

So I ask him why doesn’t Whole Foods carry his bottles and he says he pulled them out as he would like small businesses to carry them v’s franchises. And I’m like Oooo Emmmm Gggggg! We are having a conversation! ha! (star-struck moment) but today I don’t get as excited anymore as everyone is famous now and days due to social media :)

They say if it wasn’t selfied then it didn’t happen!

Well, he had a requirement “No photos”. Someone wanted to take a selfie with him as we sat there and he said Nooo no selfies. I don’t do them. So I was like darn! Okay I respect people’s choices and appreciate them even more now.

Like Justin Bieber says “I want to have a real connection not just a simply selfie” — You go Biebs!

And so I leave satisfied. Bought me a bottle of white wine, signed and a little tipsy but feeling darn greeeeeeeat! You don’t always get to meet, greet and drink wine with a famous person the one and only maker of Merkin Vineyards in AZ in one day!

Years pass and I still have Chupacabra and my ex boss in my mind… Like what does it taste like? And why not buy a bottle for special occasions when it pops up? Recently went on their website: https://caduceus.org/ and said cool I’ll buy a bottle next week no rush and so I post on social media sites about this mysterious wine without thinking the outcome and as soon as I go back in their website they’re…

I said Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

No way mister! How does that happen!!! Could it be everyone went out to buy a bottle? I couldn’t possible tell you but what I can tell you is that when you have eyeballs, influence and FASCINATE your posts on social media will spread like wildfire!!!

I said okay what’s my next option? So I order online at other wine shops which it’s hard to find because not many carry these wine bottles. I found a wine shop in Albany, NY and ordered it from them. The shipping was more than the bottle but said Eh! I want to try this bottle and will order from them again as I received the bottle in great condition and promptly!

The mystery? The provoking questions? The curiosity? The scarcity of bottles?

From a fascination analysis, Chupacabra would be considered a “Passion” and “Mystique” brand. Passion due to the wine and mystique due to the mystery of the unknown. Many say it’s too strong not to have it with food such as pasta and others claim it’s a wine for special occasions yet others say it’s a sex wine. Ha!

The mystery of stating if your older than 18 years old to enter website just tells me it’s quite mysterious but also understand the privacy only cater to adults and not teens. They limit access. It’s difficult to figure out how you will react to this fun wine so to your sipping! sip, sip, sip! ❤

What makes this bottle so fascinating is the suspense and anticipation of drinking it! The leonardo da vinci logo is interesting and the dark color glass seems very elegant.

Looking forward in drinking it and blogging my review. May the Chupacabra be with you! Gulp! ❤

Laura ❤

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