Lipsense And Sex How Is It The Same…

Unlike any ordinary lipstick or stain “Lipsense” is a new sexy product ladies are raving about... I was persuaded into experiencing it… to know what it feels-like to be smooch-stain-free.

I know many ladybosses, girlbosses who are selling these lipstick sets in social media… and YouTube has many fascinating videos too!

Watch below my thoughts on this magical lipstick ❤

My Opinion On Lipsense ❤

In this vlog I’m writing my experience with these passion-lipsticks that are revolutionary! Like any product you will have pros and cons and will honestly talk about both in case anyone reading can’t decide if it’s for you or not.

And so my friend sends me a couple of colors to test and write about. Out of all the colors my favorite was blue-red and bombshell. Of course there are many fabulous colors to choose from however these two were my fav!

Yes All Smooch-Proof! Kiss-Proof! Water-Proof! ❤

At first I didn’t believe they would work nonetheless the reviews, credible videos and this picture below of myself without Lipsense made me a believer!

I knew this brand had something good going for them and as a branding and marketing strategist know experiences sell not products hence the raving reviews … They’ve been impressive!

So how is Lipsense the same as sex? (18 and over only) ❤

First, At the start there is a slight un-comfort feel to it but it only last a couple seconds. (Duh!) Ha! :)

Second, once you go Lipsense your not going back… Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, lover will love you forever! ❤

Third, you would recommend it to everyone you know of course safe sex just as practicing good Lipsense cleanliness meaning nude lips before color is always safe.

Laura Ramos (Without Lipsense!) Ignore the black cat liner smudge it was a windy night :)

Let’s get to the juicy part which is the honesty of this brand … People that know me know I’m all about TRUTH and truth is what you’ll get so here we go! :)

5 Reasons / Cons And Pros


  1. There is a slightly burn, tingling sensation on lips as you swipe the brush and apply color and that is something I am not comfortable with however it goes away in a matter of seconds.
  2. The smell is not too attractive. Looks like there is a high-percentage of alcohol such as in a nail polish remover and there is a smell like your nail polish remover!
  3. The specific type of alcohol is called ethanol (or ethyl alcohol) which is made from grains and the drinkable kind (like Everclear) but is usually mixed with denatonium salt (this is the denatured part). This salt is extremely bitter and is added to discourage consumption.
  4. Your lips need to be clean from chapstick or any beeswax substance such as coconut oil or burts bees products. Clean dry lips
  5. This product does not work without the gloss that goes on top and shouldn’t be used without it.


  1. The Lipsense gloss ingredients mainly include dimethicone, beeswax shea butter, and tocopherol (organic compound with Vitamin E activity).
  2. You really can’t take off lipstick unless you have applied chapstick or some other form of beeswax under Lipsense. I kissed my hand to test it and they got it right! No color whatsoever! Clean as a whistle!
  3. It’s the perfect lip color to last all day long and the colors are sexy! The more vibrant the color such as reds and oranges the easier it is to come off rather than pigment lighter colors such as pinks and mauves yet it lasts longer than a normal colorful wax lipstick. Way longer!
  4. By using LipSense 7–10 days consecutively, your lips will experience a process of exfoliation to get rid of your lips dead skin cells.
  5. For ladies who would like fuller lips, LipSense is used to go over the normal lip line and it stays on where you color in to give ladies the fuller lips.

So next time your on a date, drinking from a glass because we’ve seen how yucky glasses can look with lipstick stains or foam cup such as my picture above it would be pretty cool to at least try lipsense!

If the smell or sticky sensation at first attempt is too much then this lipstain is not for you!

My parents used to tell me take off that lipstick your too young to wear makeup (I was in junior high) now I wear red lipstick because without it I feel nude and being naked can be quite colorless

To Your Lips!

Should you be interested in trying these lipstains let me know via direct message and I will direct you to a lipsense distributor ❤

Sharing is fascinating if you found value, share away! :)

Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista