Reasons To Love “TOMS” Huaraches…


I had seen on social media an article about the fashion designer shoe label “TOMS” in which they are designing leather“huaraches” (mexican sandals) to be sold anywhere from $80.00-$150.00

Seen pictures of the fashionable huaraches and they do not look like your typical huaraches that are sold in Tijuana, Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District (Imitation District) or Mexico. They come in neutral colors like for example: White Cognac! Ahh love the name already! (white and light brown combined) All Black (very elegant) and all beige (off-white)

I once had “hot pink” huaraches that I purchased at the Mall at a designer shoe store and as soon as I seen them I had to have them! Why? Well first of all they were hot pink and cute and can wear them with shorts or skirts. I would get compliments everywhere I went and was asked where did I get them? They’ve never seen any huaraches like these! I would smile and say I know right?! And then talk about the mall I seen them at and thank them for noticing :)

Dilemma was… They were not as comfortable as they look! :( They were flat and rubbery in their soles and felt cardboardiiee. (I just made up that word ) They didn’t last me! I was like what is thiiiiis?! It was unfortunate because they were so darn cute! :) Something might look good on the outside but it doesn’t mean it’s good on the inside… Comprende?

So I started to question whether fashion labels have stronger purchasing power than non-labels? And YES, they do! When I see shoes especially shoes such as “TOMS” you know they are going to invest and manufacture the best quality design, colors to live up to it’s brand. They have to represent a major brand “TOMS” and if you ask me I would say they fall under the trigger “Prestige” and “Innovation”

They are not afraid to design huaraches with a touch of style a la class! In order to get the 2% of wealthy people buying their shoes they are innovating not stealing. The article I read online made it seemed like “TOMS” as a corporation was stealing culture, re-framing it and giving no credit or profit from it by not giving back.

If this is the case which made me think a whole lot about why the greater percentage complain and are taking it online as a controversial topic I asked myself well how about if “TOMS” would give 3–5% back to any charity in Mexico for every paid of huarache sold? And so I now read this is the main reason why many mexicans are not happy with what the designer “TOMS” is doing and calling them out as stealing from the mexican people. (Lordiiie, Lordiiiie!)

I can assure you had the design being originated in Africa you would not be hearing much buzz about it. If TOMS would design African type of sandals with giraffes and colorful sandals I doubt it such controversy would take place. And so I ask… What’s the big dealiooooo? Is it really because they are assumingly stealing the style from the people in Mexico and exploiting it for revenue or because your not able to afford them @ $150 a pop?

I’ve done research and “TOMS” does lots of good. The company designs and sells shoes based on the Argentine design as well as eye wear. When “TOMS”
sells a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes is given to impoverished child and when they sell a pair of eye wear, part of the profit is used to save or restore the eyesight for people in developing countries. That’s huge!

Also with each purchase of “TOMS” roasting coffee, the company works with other organizations that they refer to as “giving partners” to provide 140 liters of safe water (a one-week supply) to a person in need. TOMS Bag Collection was launched to help address the need for advancement in maternal health.

When you purchase “TOMS” bags they help provide training for skilled birth attendants and distribute birth kits containing items that help a woman safely deliver her baby.

In 2009 TOMS partnered with the beautiful actress Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project to create a limited edition shoes, using the profit to benefit education and medical support to remote areas of Africa suffering from Aids.

Charlize Theron (Toms Coffee) In Africa

And to answer your question YES! They are Philantropic! It just makes me purchase the shoes even more! Is it because philanthropy work is not being given back to Mexico due to the huarache controversy? I believe that is very easy to solve however it makes me think if the reason a lot of complaints are because of the high price? As a consumer I like to purchase items that are long-lasting, have durability, look good, fashionable and that are going to last long especially shoes.

Shoes are to be comfortable as your feet can be prone to injury such as broken glass, plastics, nails. Shoes also protect your feet from germs and make an outfit! :)

“You get what you pay for”

I am on #TeamTom meaning I would buy “Toms” Shoes not only because they look fashionable and love the colors but most importantly as a Philanthropist myself and giver… Love what they are doing by giving back.

You can’t satisfy everyone and some will just talk without researching but feel people need to investigate a little further.

The majority of people with complaints are people who are having a hard time affording the huaraches and perhaps these shoes are not designed for the money conscience limited thinking people in all honesty. If buying a pair of huaraches at a swapmeet or traveling to Tijuana or Los Angeles District (Which by the way sells lots of knockoffs) I’d be weary. Not everything that looks good is good. Shiny objects syndrome!

Instead hustle, make that money and buy yourself a pair of lasting shoes that does give back to other organizations (charities) See it’s not really about the label it’s about how great of a design it is and how long will it last. Although I would be proud to sport a pair of “TOMS” due to the charitable work they do!

Rather, than worrying about your competitor which in this case is “TOMS” be more fascinating instead! Have the guts to be who you are in a way they can’t. That’s how to brand huaraches :)

Much Love,