The Beauty Behind The Magic Of Beginnings…

Today there is a “super new moon” and although we may not see it in the sky we may be able to feel it. Feel the nurturing qualities of it. It’s the last super moon of the year and for some reason I’m enjoying the peaceful vibe to it.

And so I wanted to share some tips on what you can do to dive in the ebb and flow calm waters and immerse yourself with a fresh perspective to start anew.

Photo credit (Terranean Resort)

New moons are about beginnings. Fulls moons are about endings. New moons are about drawing in and full moons are about release. Since the super new moon will be in the crab (cancer) and it’s a water sign it would be a great idea to visit the beach, chill out in the pool, take a shower, champagne bubble bath, sea salt bath or anything involving water.

Every time I go to the beach to tan or just to relax there is this calmness and healing property that makes me sleepy and tired. I’m not kidding I can sleep at the beach for hours and therefore need a hat like this:

It’s a great day to clear out space and I’ve been doing it for the past two days. Cleaning out cupboards, my office desk, doorknobs with my Laura no5 lucky oil, (my new site will have some vials for sale) my drawers, donating clothes I don’t wear anymore. Will be needing new jeans now that maca is making my butt grow not kidding! I can tell already and it’s not even 4 weeks yet… almost but not there fully. Plan on taking it for 6 months consistently see what happens :)

Here are 5 things I do:

  1. I use honeysuckle incense to breathe life into my rooms with it’s sweet happy aroma. Honeysuckle has been burned as incense since ancient times within homes and dwellings for prosperity. It is said that burning honeysuckle can attract and maintain financial blessings into the home. The sugary and lemony scent of honeysuckle sweetens the thoughts of those who smell it, therefore triggering generosity.
Gonesh is the actual brand I use

I also use peruvian incense woody sticks from machu pichu that are super POW! but the honeysuckle is strong enough to draw in happiness in my office home and especially in my creativity area of the house (living room) and money sector which is in my bathroom. (as per feng-shui)

2) Go to the beach or ocean (most likely I will do this ) or take any sea-salt bath (to release any toxicity) I use pink himalaya sea-salts but any sea-salt is fine and then bathe in the luxury of champagne bubble bath with hibiscus petals. Turn on some relaxing sensual music, light some pink and red candles or turquoise to resemble the ocean and breathe in the beautiful smell. One of my favorite ocean candles are from “Glade” it’s called moonlit walk

It smells like sooo gooood! the bomb!

3) Get a paper and pen and start writing your intentions of what you want to pull in or manifest. Make sure you are in a great state of mind as what you think comes about. If your not feeling it then go eat some chocolate, do a mocha maca latte or smoothie (believe me it’s the biz!) drink some wine, eat something delish or listen to some happy hardcore music or house music to get you pumped up and happy!

Great pick me up happy-go-lucky drink

Then you can start writing… and after you can either two things

  1. Write and rip it into pieces (to release it) OR
  2. Burn it carefully to release. (I go to the beach and burn it in bomb fire pit)

As you watch it burn you can visualize how your goals are being manifesting by the crackling of the fire. When it cracks and makes noise then it’s working beautifully! :)

4) Cook a nice home cooked meal since today will be about nurturing and staying close to home. Try a new recipe! Comfort food sounds good or healthy warm soups. I’m always up for meatball soup and homemade tortillas. I got the press machine don’t think I do it from scratch. I was never able to learn how to create tortillas by hand. My nana taught my mom and mom tried teaching me but still haven’t got that right… There’s always chef hacking tools! ❤

5) Book a massage to relieve your stresses and kinks. You will feel much rested and ready to recharge your batteries to a new beginning. Nothing like getting rid of those tense knots and feeling pampered.

And that’s it! Make the best of this super new moon as what you do you will be able to draw in with love ❤

To your fascinating intentions


Laura Ramos

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