The Philosophy Behind Wholeness

About 2 weeks ago I had a dream of whole wheat tortillas being that I’m a foodie my first thought was tortillas? Am I hungry? Am I suppose to flip tortillas? Which I didn’t see that happen anytime ha! As the dream continued I was given a big pack of tortillas and asked the person what I was suppose to do with them? And she said well cook! What else? All of these?! There are a lot!!! And she smiled :)

Had no idea who this person was but I said okay and then she disappeared

Sometimes I wonder if that’s what life is like… You are given a gift and then your suppose to know what to do with that gift? Well, I said I know what I can cook… taquitos!

Gathered all my ingredients:

  • slithered chicken
  • cheese
  • salsa
  • avocado
  • sour cream
  • They were yummy! And so upon waking up I go to my dream dictionary and it turns out tortillas mean your feeling “WHOLE” and so it makes sense as tortillas are round and made out of wheat.

As per dream dictionary the significance of wheat indicate prosperity and abundance. Opportunities and doors are being opened. You are on your way to achieving your goals. Alternatively, wheat symbolizes resurrection, reincarnation and fertility.

I knew it was a good dream when I read this however it didn’t make sense till later! I pretty much forgot about the dream and was chilling on my couch when I decided to see what’s on tv as I channel surfed and seen this man talk about wholeness and was storytelling his life that resembled very much like mine and I said wowza! This message is for me and I remember having that tortilla dream as it was aligned with both messages.

It was mentioned when you are “whole” you feel complete and many don’t feel the fullness of completeness as they don’t know who they are and when you don’t know who you are you cannot be that person and be happy in relationships, career, life, wealth, health etc…

I wrote up a post on social media about the BE, DO HAVE! You have to Be Yourself, Then Do what you desire to do and you will Have It! Many Do, Do, Do and run in circles like a hamster in a wheel and never BECOME or even Have and that is one sure-way to waste your time!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Being whole is about knowing who you are and being that person!

Who are you? Do you know? Statistics show many don’t know who they are. Social Media is bombarded with lost people through comparisons and competition…

Ever been a copy cat of someone else? Raises hand! I’ve been there before:)

I’ve done some pretty outrageous things like quantum leap meditations where we visualize someone we admire and picture ourselves as that person! I leaped to feel what it’s like to be Ivanka Trump. Ha!

What happened next was I was dreaming of her (get your mind out of the gutter) we were in the park playing frisbee and she was giving me advice on something I was going through and I must say she had pretty grounding advice and valuable. I felt at ease after.

And so back then although I admired her and all that jazz… That’s not who I am. I’m Laura Ramos. Quirky, sexy yet serious when it comes to business. Loud, compassionate, intelligent, blunt and someone who takes risks. Not that Ivanka is not intelligent I am sure she is. She is a business woman and beautiful.

It’s so important to know yourself just like Drake says Know Yourself!

Many don’t know themselves till they hit the age of 40ish or 50ish! What would it mean to know who you are such a young age? It would make all the difference…

And so to end this blog and make my final point when it comes to being whole

If your unsure who you are suppose to be or feeling stuck I coach via skype, face-time, phone or e-mail and can asses what your strengths and weaknesses are and therefore you can be the person your suppose to be and overcome any obstacles via fascination.

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