Why I Didn’t Engage In Social Media When It Came To Wonderwoman…

“I may not be Wonderwoman but I can do things that make you wonder” — #Quote

Today I read upon an article based on DC Comics a.k.a. Wonderwoman and how they admired her boldness yet it wasn’t captivating enough for Comics and after reading the whole article the writer expressed how Batman was able to pull in audiences both male and female and yet Wonderwoman failed with male counterparts.

So it brought me to write this blog and why I’ve been quiet about what I thought would be a one-hit wonder money wise for an actress.

There’s been a lot of changes in Hollywood and if you ask me it’s become more “Innovating” something we’ve never ever seen before and darn scary for the Hollywood Elite.

Prior to knowing “Wonderwoman” would surface in the big giant theaters internationally I had decided to be silent and not talk about it, share or engage and the reason being is not because I don’t like WW because I certainly do. I was raised watching the original WW in television screens as a kid and was inspired by her boldness, her smile and nurturing qualities towards women. I mean even today fans still run to Linda Carter to hug her which is amazingballs!

This movie was definitely an EMPOWERMENT MOVIE with lots of Power and as an actress to define her position for WW she needed to be the authority in the plot and not her fans and thus I promised myself I would zip it and let her PR her way into her fanatics globally.

Truth? — I was disappointed.

From what I read in Israel there was quite a buzz and that’s groundbreaking as WW is not popular in such a beautiful country. Had that same love, buzz and captivation been here in the states then I would assumingly think perhaps a higher salary would of been offered to her based on articles written about Gal Gadot but then again I’m not a producer / film maker.

By pulling back and giving Gadot’s PR space to brand the movie gave me a better understanding how innovating Hollywood is becoming when it comes to social media, fantatics and an empowerment movement that was the main goal especially in this new society of change we are all experiencing in government.

I was hoping to see more engagement from fans. The ability of more insta-stories, live facebook, twitter chats, blogs, less meme’s although they were fine but it’s not easily shareable unless you have a #repost app or you capture copy meme from your iphone however didn’t see much of it.

Seen t.v. show interviews but nothing too creative. Not much red carpet buzz or even seen autographs signed maybe I was clueless or not enough on social media but that’s impossible! :) Not enough connection with emotion to build warm relationships and trust.

The all women movie viewing in Los Angeles pretty much killed it for me. Not sure if that was a PR stunt or a popular group created it however as a branding and marketing strategist a.k.a fascinista it separated both genders with one goal in mind.

“You can’t sit with us”

In order to have raving obsessed fans you need to include and speak to everyone. There needed to be more PASSION. There needed to be encouragement to have people step forward more closely and participate by creating buzz in social media.

What #BVS did was have everyone engaged. We seen Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and Louis and seen how all were branding themselves creatively. We seen engagement between Batman and Superman having real-life conversations on facebook and instagram posts and people thought that was cool and would even talk about it! They loved seeing these two fight!

Ben Affleck (Batman) & Henry Cavill (Superman) bromance gotta love it!

So in a nutshell just wanted to share my opinions when it comes to fascinating. Congrat’s the movie did great $300M (majority internationally) however the main actress no matter how new in the business should of been paid at least 1/3 close to a Million $$$ for effort (body building and all)

Perhaps in the near future we will see the paying gap equal to male actors as more confidence builds up and acquire skills to persuade producers a.k.a sharks in getting what your worth and it’s not in being selfish or overpowering it’s in simply stating what your asking because your worth it and this is what you bring to the table.

With practice comes experience and as I had quoted earlier it takes a bamboo tree 5 years to grow. It doesn’t grow 80ft tall overnight. It doesn’t grow instantly. It takes time and eventually will grow tall, be an example and be result oriented.

Don’t wonder just go out and make it happen!


Sharing is sexy, if you found value share away ❤

Laura Ramos

Branding & Marketing Fascinista ❤