9 second span of a goldfish

Unless your company or the company you work for have the biggest budget of all your competitors it no longer works to repeat repetitive messages… your going to have to Fascinate! Fascination goes beyond rational thinking. It transforms customers into fanatics and your brand products into must-have-purchases.

You might not have millions dollar budgets and that’s okay you can stand out more and sell more without spending more. The goal is not to spend more money on marketing but to spend less by fascinating. And how do you fascinate? You would have to know your brand’s advantage and apply smart tactics which can be found in the book FASCINATE By: Sally Hogshead

It has been tested and researched that if a brand earns customer’s interest during the 9 critical seconds (meaning they get fascinated quickly) the customer will most likely respond to their marketing, however if customers become distracted or confused they will simply “swim away” like a goldfish! Those guppies can swim really fast! I should know ha! ;) (I’m a mermaid)

So in other words you must know how to fascinate the Goldfish! (In 9 seconds)

Attention is more valuable than time and money. Social media is the new norm when everyone is on their cellphones, tablets, laptops and in a matter of seconds they will switch screens, scroll down depending on their tastes and if you are an Enterpreneur you will need to be creative and fascinate them with attention rather than time or money!

Just sharing a couple of incerpts from the newest book “Fascinate” which I found fascinating! There is a whole lot more of information as I scanned through the book but can’t wait to dive into it this week!

To get the book go here!

Off to Swim!