Your friends will support you, Your confused admirers will challenge you…

“Play with others, but don’t blend in” — Sally Hogshead

Inspiring and sharing a blog on a silly experience I recently had. This blog is just to shed some light into the realities that can happen famous or not. We often see celebrities hating on each other in magazines, tabloids, E-news, gossip columns, TMZ, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms however it’s them and you figure that won’t happen to me… Think again!

If I can sum up my character it would be someone fun loving, open, loves meeting new people however lately have been a little guarded not going to lie…Sometimes people just give you reasons to put up your walls and I don’t consider having a normal life (yes we can also have stalkers) booohooooo! But I feel confident in myself and know it’s not in hiding but going through it and showing up… Be fearless! :)

And so not only do we get fascinated by our friends, associates, mentors, coaches but also by celebrities. One of my favorite social media platforms is #Twitter! Tweet Tweet! Tweet! I just tweet and leave it alone until I get a response, instant message, follow, share and I follow through and recognize my followers by thanking them for the follow. It’s how I connect and get eyeballs on my blogs, my posts and celebrities. Yep! I’m fascinated by them! ha! :)

So, naturally many are recognizing my work as I’m getting right in front of them through twitter. Did I not mention Rob Lowe favorite my tweet! Relax, it was a tweet about acting ha! I love ❤ sharing so if they have something valuable to tweet about I will share it or if a magazine such as Elle Magazine or Marie Claire tweets on fashion, beauty, branding, marketing I will definitely share it. As a branding fascinista I follow trends, marketing, products, people, hollywood, bloggers, business people and see what they are doing v’s what I’m doing in fascination. I was born for this type of work ❤

Many went to business school to study branding and marketing basically “psychology”. I studied B&M Sally Hogshead through her books and follow trends. It’s a refresher course for me in Psychology but more deep as I’ve learned many things I was clueless about from team building based on fascination to how to apply it in life. A to Z! I’m a Certified Life Coach with studies from Harvard as well so I picked up on it quickly however it’s not even close to what I’ve been learning as my studies were with the brain and fascination… is a whole different ball game!

I’m PASSIONATE about it!!! ❤

What I’ve realized as I’ve been branding myself through blogs, fascination, psychology and providing value to others is that no matter how much work you put out there you will have critics…Is it good? Is it bad? Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon said it best and I quote…

Jeff Bezos (Innovation) Billionaire (CEO Of Amazon)

See it doesn’t matter what people say. Hear them out… some of it might be constructive criticism but if it’s coming from haters… consider the source! Nobody got time for mumbo jumbo when your building… Just do you! :) Keep it moving… Follow your purpose… :)

Unexpectedly I was criticized from a celebrity (a model… well kinda model) Always admired her and her beauty but never did I think she would turn on me ha! or even think she was following me on social media. Why am I being criticized for what apparently people think I am or do.. It’s called “Jealousy” for a famous boy she dated and horribly in love with him! I can’t help it if I am fascinating people in Hollywood including singers :) ha! ;)

“Envy is when you want what someone else has”
“Jealousy is when your worried someone is trying to take away what you have”

My desire is not to be in the headlines for anything as silly as this but in changing people’s lives and the world. To make an impact. Have purpose.

And even though what was said about me was NOT true just rumor mill of jealousy… I encountered something looking at me that I ran into a couple of days which brought me back to that moment when I first heard this rumor and said… Game on! :)

JB Lyrics

So the way I see this situation is I was challenged to STEP UP! I’m not where I want to be yet… (I’m an achiever and go BIG! so it won’t be overnight) but…I’m not where I used to be and that’s a great thing! :)

Be humble. God exalts high the humble and brings low the ego-centered. So, no matter how much money one has it will never buy LOVE and you will never be Happy. Rich or not people will be lonely and unhappy. So love on others and drop the jealousies.

XOXO! (Love and Kisses)

Laura Ramos