Branding your Facebook business page to get the most from it

Disclaimer : All information presented below is my personal opinion and what has worked best for me in the past.

Profile Picture & Cover Photos

When you have a Facebook business page it is crucial that your audience can clearly determine it belongs to your business at first glance. First impressions are so important; even more so online.

Lets start with profile pictures, some sources say 200 x 200 px (px meaning pixels) is plenty for a profile picture, but is this quality optimal ? No, not in my opinion. When a viewer clicks on it to see your logo then they will see a tiny 200px thumbnail surrounded by black space, and a picture of low quality at most times.

It works, but it doesn’t look very good or professional, the pixels can bleed and it may become blurry / pixelated.

How can we combat this ? Facebook's optimal size for a pages profile picture is 960 x 960 px. When you make your logo this size, the quality will be very high and much more appealing to the eye. Might seem irrelevant, but I sometimes will click on a company that looks very professional, view their picture, and be disappointed that its a tiny, pixelated thumbnail. Seems lazy to me personally.

As you can see above, the difference is clear. I also recommend giving your logo some breathing room. This is important, but not too much breathing room to the point where your logo is illegible due to being so small.

In this case I decided to give 150 px of blank space in the one we used for our page. This sits nicely, looks proportional and isn’t overpowering.

Conclusion : If you are setting a profile picture then I suggest you get a graphic designer to firstly use a high resolution version of your logo, and secondly scale it to sit within a 960 x 960px canvas.

That brings me onto the next most important thing; your businesses cover photo. This goes back to all the same points I made about profile pictures, first impressions and quality. When your page is advertised or shared around Facebook, your profile picture and cover photo go hand in hand, and should strongly compliment one another.

Allow me to demonstrate :

When one of our beautiful followers decides that they like the content we post and wishes to share the page with friends, then this is how our page will be presented on all of their friends Newsfeeds.

If you were going to a big event all about you, or to receive a big award of some sort in front of a crowd then I assume you would look your best. That’s whats happening here, your page is being presented to a followers friends which may quite possibly be up to 4,000 people. It is imperative that your page looks perfect.

I have found the dimensions for the perfect cover photo is 1000 px wide by 700 px tall, here it is at the top of our page. I would highly recommend investing in beautiful stock imagery related to your sector of work or hiring a professional photographer to stop by your business and take a collection of photographs.

The human eye loves perfection, and when things are high quality looking then it also plays a big part in perceived value. If you have tacky, low resolution imagery on your Facebook page then your potential customer may view your page as tacky and low quality. It sounds harsh but its the truth.

Conclusion : I suggest your cover photo should relate to your business, either through a stock image you purchase or a high resolution photograph a photographer takes. 1000 x 700px seems to work the best. Your cover photo will be a big chunk of the immediate visuals someone sees when on your page. If you can set a good example here then it will help with the first impression they develop about your business.

Descriptions & Keywords for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Your pages description is the most important part after the profile picture & cover photo has been taken care of.

It is quite obvious that the description of your page should be well written and within keeping of the language imagery that your business uses. What do I mean by language imagery? Well lets say you run a leisure centre, its a fun, exciting and happy place for parents to bring there children. The language that you use in your description should match the overall vibe of your business. If the language used in the description of the leisure centre was serious and corporate, things wouldn’t quite match up.

My agency O’Neill Social Media Marketing targets businesses, of all kinds. The language we decided to use was polite, general and specific as anyone from any business could view our page. Never waffle on when writing a description, you get 255 characters I believe, make the most of them. Our looks something like this:

Specializing in online social media marketing for your business, big or small. We have the knowledge to guide the growth of your business using social media marketing strategies combined with digital design solutions.

Its simple and to the point.

Keywords ( Advanced )

For this next step you may want to consult with an online marketing agency of some sort, just to be up to date. Basically, a keyword is a trigger point that is activated when the wording you use in your text matches and is inputted into Google Search by a user.

Social media and online marketing agencies have special tools that can see the most popular keywords currently being used in your businesses sector at this point in time. Let me demonstrate using “Social Media Marketing” as the keyword I wish to build from.

What are the other big keyword searches that are being associated with this one ? Well let me tell you 10 of them that are being associated right now with the search Social Media Marketing.

social media management
social marketing
social media marketing companies
social media advertising
social media services
social media agency
social media marketing services
social media strategy
media marketing
social media consultant

Why is it important that we know this information ? Because Search Engine Optimization is key when driving traffic to your business online. Once we know the top keywords that are being looked for in this area we can then strategically incorporate them into our wording used on the social media and websites we own. Clever, right ? Most marketing people won’t share that trick with you but ill let you have that one for free.

In closing, I would just like to mention that if you execute all that we have discussed here on your business page then it will definitely be a big step towards the perceived value of your business & more viewership on your page / adverts you run. However, these tips are only the “tip” of the iceberg when it comes to social media marketing so make sure follow me on Medium to be notified when I post my next article. Again, the views I have expressed while writing this are solely my personal opinion and I hope that you can use them or take inspiration from them for the profile of your business online at some point in the future.

I hope you all have a great day !

Lorcan O’Neill — Founder @ O’Neill Social Media Marketing