We can all agree — the President, Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and people all across the…
Jeff Flake

It’s too bad you only seem to listen to your “fan club” when visiting the state and arrive at your decisions. The rest of us understand the unrealistic nature of a “wall” built to keep people from crossing or smuggling drugs into the US. The truth regarding drugs is that only a small percentage enter the US that way. How do you presume to stop the “over and under” the wall. This idea is absurd. I understand you must play to those constituents who will be happy with any effort on your part, regardless of the real results! Border crossings are down significantly, as Trump expresses (one of his actually true statements) so why now spend this huge amount? The cost per border crossing must approach thousands of dollars for each crosser!

I appreciaite your courage in exposing and opposing Trump’s awful directives. Thank you for standing up to him!

David Nelson

1900 E. Somnolent Way

Oro Valley, AZ 85755

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