How To Groom Your Dog At Home?

Far from pet spas and vets, you can very well groom your dog at home. Grooming your dogs at home can actually lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure for both you and puppy. Not only does grooming ensure a relaxed human-canine bonding time, but it also helps address problems ranging from ticks and skin conditions to ears and eyes.

Before you groom your dog, checklist:

  • Check when your dog is calm — post walk or a play session. Look for a spot where she won’t be easily distracted.
  • Calm your dog by petting all over her body. Gently massage the tails, paws, tummy and ears.
  • Keep a brush, comb, shampoo and other toiletries handy. Also, patience!

Groom your dog at home

A. Brushing

Regular brushing is great for your dog as it removes dead hair, grass, dirt and prevents matting. Brushing helps distribute the natural oils for a healthy fur coat and stimulates the blood supply to the skin.

How often?
 You should brush your dog once or twice a week.

How to get started?
 Get a brush apt for your dog’s fur coat. Praise your dog as he sits through the brushing and he’ll more than love the gentle massaging sensation. Apply the anti-fungal Scavon Vet Spray by Himalaya for effectively treating fungal infections, in case of any.

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