In a recent Associated Press piece published in the New York Times, the author quotes Jim Bell, executive producer of NBC Olympics, on the future of VR: “It seems like a cool thing, but where it stands right now with the goggles and you’ve got to put this thing on your head, it’s not there yet…”

Um, yeah. Have you seen all the cool sh*t out there, Mr. Bell? You don’t even need to put on your “goggles” (we call those headsets in professional immersive journalism lingo).

Every type of media has its moment. The impact of TV on the…

The difficulty of creating virtual reality experiences that conform to journalistic ethics has been a hot topic lately. But while some are asking whether it’s ethical to recreate a scene or hide from the camera, we’re more interested in a less technical and more fundamental ethical consideration — that is, what do we have to do as VR journalists to take responsibility for the stories we tell, and the choices we make in telling them?

At Tiny World Productions, we’ve been talking about three levels of closeness you can aim for when trying to share a story — looking at

Episode 3: Shooting basics

This is the third installment of our guide to producing 360 video. We focus on working with a 6-camera GoPro rig, but many of these tips apply to other rigs, as well.

In this post we’re focusing on shooting with a 360 rig, and there are some factors to consider when working with 360 video that don’t come up with traditional video. They have to do with camera movement, position within the scene, and shooting with post-production in mind.

1. Mind the lines:

Scenes with people moving between cameras (across stitch lines) any closer than about 5 feet will come out with mangled faces…

There’s a lot of stuff out there. 360 video natively uploaded to Facebook, Youtube, VR platforms like MettaVR and VRideo. Then there are independent producers and experimenters and weird things that are kinda fun and creative but also just bizarre.

So, where is all the good stuff and how do you find it? Beauty is, of course in the eye of the beholder but in the immersive technology scene and specifically for immersive journalism here’s where I go to find stuff:

1. Aggregation — The Newsletters:

Road to VR —Daily dose of VR news

Around since 2011, pretty comprehensive and industry-wide. Also seemingly dude-centric.

Haptical —Newer publication

Created by Deniz Ergürel, 2016 Tow-Knight CUNY fellow.

All Things VR — Weekly curated email

Hammer & Tusk — Another weekly newsletter


Episode 2: Rigs and Cameras

A whole slew of rig and camera options have come onto the market in the last couple years. In this post we’ll talk about our rig, which is a pretty good starter rig for producing high resolution spherical video. We also go into camera settings for shooting with GoPros — as well as some challenges and workarounds — and offer some other options for entry-level rigs.

What we use

Our work so far has been shot with the Freedom 360 rig (image below under Rig Options) with 6 GoPro Hero 4 cameras.

We’d probably opt for the 360Heros rig if we were to…

Episode 1: Basic Gear and Software

This is the first in a series of posts we’re doing to share everything we’ve learned (and are learning) about producing 360 video. While there are many variations on the tools used to produce 360 video, this is meant to serve as a complete run-through of a full production process. This particular setup produces high resolution monoscopic (see here for an explanation of monoscopic vs. stereoscopic) 360 X 180 (full spherical) video.

Below is an outline of all the tools we use — from shooting to video editing, titling and posting to YouTube. You’ll find links included to all of…

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