We often think that our human senses are all-encompassing and an absolute representation of the world. However, the visible spectrum is only a small sliver of the whole story. With BadVR’s SeeSignal app, we set out to give your visual system a major upgrade! With the overarching mission to visualize invisible worlds that are persistently around us, we chose to explore the 3 most relevant signals in our modern lives: WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular.

This is a technical breakdown of the challenges, lessons, and decisions we encountered while developing SeeSignal.

Spatial Computing: New Unique Challenges

The traditional approach of analyzing a network is to wave…

I have been thinking deeply lately about all the different “Xverses” that will exists in the relatively near future. I was on a panel recently discussing the topic of the “AR Cloud”, another term synonymous with these “metaverses” we are all dreaming about. A participant in the audience asked what company I thought would eventually dominate the market and if there would be a detrimental effect of a single company owning a monopoly of this digital future. I responded, “I believed there would most likely be multiple “metaverses" with multiple layers in each. I doubt that one company will reign…

My journey begins in 2016 when I began hearing chatter about this new immersive headset for gaming and entertainment. I stumbled upon YouTube videos of gamers contemplating if the $800-$1000 price point was worth the investment. Being a child of the 90s, I was immediately skeptical about the hype of virtual reality (VR). My perspective changed when I witnessed a video of an individual breaking into tears of joy after experiencing a simulated space flight and seeing earth from a distance. It immediately dawned on me that this technology would be more transformative than anything that came before it!


The long awaited Oculus Quest is finally here! The first virtual reality (VR) headset with the promise of a truly untethered immersive experience on a mobile platform. For many developers, this marks a pivotal moment for the immersive technology field as we enter the Sophomore years of the VR narrative.

I have been anxiously waiting to take a peek inside of the headset since Project Santa Cruz was announced at Oculus Connect a few years ago. So when Quest was announced this previous year, I couldn’t wait to start tinkering with the hardware and get a better look inside.

Controller Design Changes


Brian Wong

Senior Engineer at BadVR, Inc. | Founder of Immersion Neurotechnologies

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