How to Hire an Asylum Immigration Attorney

When you have fled your home country in traumatic circumstances and reached to a foreign land, you will need a legal resident status to stay in that country and avoid deporting. If you came on a visitor visa, you cannot drive in the United States, cannot work, and have limited rights. You will also be deported at the end of your visa term. But, you cannot afford to go back. Right? If you want to enjoy the safety with full legal rights, you should apply for asylum status in the United States. In the fiscal year 2015, United States granted asylum to 26,124 individuals. However, the extensive paperwork, preparing your case and defending it in front of judges is a daunting task. Without proper guidance, your application can be lost among the piles of the pending application.

So, what should you do to speed up the application process and avoid deportation? You should hire a professional Asylum Immigration Attorney to help you with your case. Here is how you can hire an asylum lawyer in the United States.

1- Take Suggestions from Your Friends and Family

If you have a family member or friend in the United States that has been granted asylum, you can ask him or her to suggest a lawyer. Especially, if you are from the same country, have faced similar persecution or have been part of the same ethnic or religious minority, you can contact the attorney of your friend or family. But, keep in mind that you must actively talk to the attorney about your case instead of relying on the information given by your relative or friend.

2- Search on the Listings of Local Bar Association or Lawyer Website

Even though the location of your lawyer does not affect the strength of the case, it is better to start near to your own location as it will save your traveling and transport expense. You can use the internet to search for local bar association which offers list to the lawyers. You can also search for the top asylum lawyers on the law website such as Avvo. Searching at bar association listing and top-rated websites will help you to find a certified lawyer in the specific category of asylum. If you cannot find asylum in the category, you can look for immigration lawyers.

3- Contact Non- Profit Organization

Search for non-profit organizations that work in the field of refugee resettlement and advocacy. These nonprofits often provide free of charge legal asylum immigration services to the persecuted community or can help you patch up with a good lawyer. The NPOs have Asylum Immigration Attorney on board that helps refugees to fight their case successfully. It is particularly helpful if you contact an organization that works for the betterment of your community or is working in the same field. For example, if you are a victim of domestic abuse, you can seek assistance from an organization offering rehabilitation to domestic violence victims. Or if you are seeking asylum due to militarization in your home country, you should find an organization working for democratic values.

4- Lawyers Specializing in Specific Asylum Cases

Each asylum case is different from the other requiring specialized skills and individual attention. If you are seeking asylum because of ethnic persecution in your country, you must contact a lawyer that has dealt similar cases and have helped people from your region. For example, if you seek asylum based on religious persecution, you must choose a lawyer with the similar record. But, if you seek asylum due to whistleblowing, you should contact a lawyer that has dealt whistleblowing cases.

5- Decide A Budget

The fee of different immigration and asylum attorneys vary based on their expertise and experience. You should decide a budget and must look for lawyers with a matching fee.