Royal Air Maroc UK

Royal air maroc is also known as (RAM), is a moroccon airline. It is country’s largest and national airline that is owned by the government of morocco. It has its headquarters on the ground of Casablanca- Anfa Airport. It has a network in morocco that scheduled the international flights like flights to Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. This airline also provides hajj services to Muslims that is very beneficial for Muslims living in morocco. This airline helps 1000 of people daily to travel from one country to another. It also provides flights to London, UK. We can visit their website and we can also book our flights online here Royal air maroc UK provide business class as well as economy class. We can travel in any class according to our budget. They provide individual .8.9 inch screen to passengers where they can listen 150 urban label albums, a variety of songs like classic Arabic music, morocco artists, classical music, golden oldies, jazz and many others. Royal air maroc also provide 20 video games and if any person wants to read Quran, they also provide it in that screen.

In business class, royal air maroc uk provide seats that can be adjusted into bed position and massage service as well which a person can try whenever he/ she wants to. Royal air maroc gives more entertainment services to their passengers in business class which includes newspapers, magazines, 45 tv programs including Arabic films, Hollywood current and classic films, TV series, documentaries, 150 album of music including international hits, morocon music, jazz, Arabic music and many others. Passengers will find USB ports so they can charge their phones and laptops or other electronic devices like iPad etc.

These airlines also have an International VIP lounge where passengers can relax, can gossips with their family or friends. It has been redesigned to accommodate the passengers. They offer a level of comfort for their passengers. Royal air maroc London have a magic universe for the children from 0 to 12 years where they can play with toys and can play games as well so they can enjoy and feel relax during the flight. If passengers want to travel with their pets, royal air maroc allows it. They take good care of their pets. Dogs, cats, birds are can be placed in cabin if they have weight less than 5 kg.

Royal air maroc gives safety guarantee of animals so passengers can enjoy their time during flight and they don’t have to worry about their pets. If a person is travelling with a baby under 2 year old, then baby can travel on his /her lap but Royal air Maroc London can also provide with a pram if a person wants to. Kids from 2–12 years old will be charged for their seat. It’s the one of the best airline in the world. Everyone should deserve a chance to travel in it so they can get benefit from these services.