USCIS Atlanta Office and The Backlog of Citizenship Applications

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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms alongside other 50 U.S. mayors and executives recently delivered a letter to Frank Cissna, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director. In the letter, the senators demanded a reduction in the agency’s backlog of over 753,000 citizenship applications while making the processing of citizenship applications faster (in the space of six months). This is expected to facilitate the processing of the over 250,000 pending applications of immigrants living in the cities of these senators.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government organization that supervises legal migration to the United States. We are a segment of the Department of Homeland Security.

There were 21,006 citizenship applications at USCIS Atlanta as at the end of March 2018, with several lawful permanent residents (“LPRs”) having to wait up to 20 months to have their applications entirely processed.

Mayor Bottoms had signed an Executive Order that stops the City jail from taking in any new ICE detainees. The same order, which was signed in June, also implored the Trump Administration to put humane and adequate measures that will fix the inadequate immigration system permanently. However, in the last week, Mayor Bottoms convened the first meeting of the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Immigrant Detention — a body made up of immigrant rights activists, legal experts, and City officials.

The last quarter of this fiscal year has seen a rise in the citizenship applications backlog to 753,252 (an increase of 23,952). With this current rate, the USCIS would need more than 25 years to achieve the backlog level of 380,639 that was recorded during the administration of Barack Obama, provided no new applications are entertained.

At the current rate, it would take USCIS over 25 years to get back down to the Obama administration’s backlog level of 380,639 applications in 2015, and that is assuming no new applications.

Another demand presented in the letter is a detailed plan of how the USCIS hopes to reduce the backlog, as well as a commitment to making mayors across the country part of the plan. The letter also requests precise reviews on the strategies employed by the agency in the past to achieve a backlog and the reasons for the ineffectiveness of such strategies.

USCIS provides a wide range of immigration-related services to those around the Atlanta area.


People who wish to wind up U.S. nationals through naturalization present their applications to USCIS. We decide qualification, process the applications and, whenever affirmed, plan the candidate for a function to take the Oath of Allegiance. We additionally decide qualification and give documentation of U.S. citizenship for individuals who gained or inferred U.S. citizenship through their folks.

Movement of Family Members

We deal with the procedure that permits current perpetual inhabitants and U.S. nationals to convey close relatives to live and work in the United States.

Working in the U.S.

We deal with the procedure that enables people from different nations to work in the United States. A portion of the open doors are brief, and some give a way to a green card (perpetual home).

Confirming an Individual’s Legal Right to Work in the United States (E-Verify)

We deal with the framework that enables partaking managers to electronically confirm the business qualification of their recently enlisted workers.

Philanthropic Programs

We oversee philanthropic projects that give insurance to people inside and outside the United States who are uprooted by war, starvation and common and political distress, and the individuals who are compelled to escape their nations to get away from the danger of death and torment on account of persecutors.


We deal with the initial phase in the process for U.S. residents to receive youngsters from different nations. Roughly 20,000 receptions occur every year.

Metro Integration

We advance guidance and preparing on citizenship rights and obligations and furnish migrants with the data and instruments important to effectively incorporate into American community culture.

Family history

The USCIS Genealogy Program is a charge for-benefit program that furnishes specialists with opportune access to verifiable migration and naturalization records of expired foreigners.

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