Common Beliefs Regarding Immigration Explained

People often relocate to other countries in search of jobs. Some people even migrate because they believe that their migrating destination country has better career scopes to offer to them. Some people even immigrate in order to stay with their family that is settled in their destination country. These allied reasons behind immigration lead to more than hundreds of immigrations to different countries every year. Along with immigration generates some notions — while some of these are true, others are totally myths. Let us know about some of these beliefs.

Idea 1: Immigrants are seen wit scorn because they vanquish job opportunities in destination countries

It cannot be denied always that the residents of the destination countries look at immigrants with scorn because they think this migrating population would take away their job opportunities. But Best Immigration Consultants in Pune suggests that the reality is that immigrants create new jobs in countries where they relocate. Moreover, if certain industry of the destination country wants immigrants then it is undoubtedly for specific skills that the native population does not have. Hence, there is no clash of interest anywhere.

Idea 2: Immigration is a devastatingly time consuming process

The professionals working at Immigration Services in Pune say that this is the bare truth of the procedure. The tenure from filing the form to getting called at the immigration office can range from few months to years. Acually, the documents and details submitted by an applicant passes through various stages of verification. They remain in queue as well in which the application that is made first is given priority. In addition, the justification provided by the application is also verified at different stages in order to ensure that the applicant does not have any ulterior motive behind relocation. All these explain why immigration is a lengthy process. It addition to this are the ranges of rules and regulations pertaining to immigration that further withhold the steadfastness of the process and cause further delay.

Idea 3: Your visa might get rejected if you do not visit the office of immigration authority with proper dress and attitude

This is again a true statement. The officials at the immigration office try to gauge the integrity of the justifications you have provided for relocation by making a careful scrutiny of your dressing sense, grooming style and attitude. Slightest of suspicion can become a bane for you and that might reject your request. For instance, if you dress shabbily and tell them that you are a job seeker and wish to relocate then it might make them suspicious that you are a terrorist and have some bad intention in your mind!

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