Immigration advisory services provide their assistance and advice to the applicants who are looking for either business immigration or individual immigration. The applicant can avail these advisory services both before filing the application and if they filed the application without consulting which in turn led to the refusal of application; in all such cases the advisory services can be availed to overturn the refusal.

Immigration rules are subject to change over a period of time. Considering this it is always advisable to avail the advisory services before filing an application for immigration, be it an individual immigration or business immigration.

Advisory panel constitutes experienced lawyers and legal advisors who are trained in best legal firms. They can help you with whatever immigration challenges you have. Immigration advisory services providers are up-to –date with the changes incorporated in immigration rules not only this they have knowledge of all key legislations pertaining to immigration. Further these experts can advise on the UK Border Procedure and five Tier Point-Based systems.

Further, it is quite important to understand, it is not only the changes in rules and regulation for which an applicant may seek advice. The applicant may found that the reason of immigration are simple like either it is an individual immigration or the immigration resulted from business requirement.

But there are different kinds of visas which are issued under both individual immigration and business immigration. Under individual immigration the applicant may apply for partner visa, dependent visa, EEA family visa, student visa, visa for permanent residence in the UK, visa for seeking indefinite leave to remain in the UK and visa for carrying out human right activities.

While under business immigration the applicant can apply for Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, Tier 1 investor visa, Tier 2 workers visa, Tier 2 sponsor visa, Tier 5 workers visa and some other visas issued under business immigration category.

As a wide range of visas are issued under these two categories of the immigration. The advisory services provider firms have lawyer and legal advisor who can advise the applicant on eligibility criteria and other requirements that needs to be complied with in order to get the visa of their choice.

In the UK the advisory services provider firms offer, one-off advice over the telephone, direct access to their expert immigration lawyers, they offer advice on eligibility criteria and the supporting documents required to prove the eligibility not only this they assure their clients of their confidentiality.

In the UK the advisory services are provided free of cost also. They provide free immigration advice to all their new clients either they called over the telephone or visited their office in person to seek an advice. The reason for providing such free legal advice is to let the client know whether they have a legal case or not and if it is a legal case then what all option they are available with and what all requirement they need to fulfill before proceeding for an appeal.

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