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Jul 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Are you planning to relocate to a foreign destination for the first time? As you probably know by now, there are lots of rules and regulations regarding immigration that you need to consider while relocating. While you can execute the entire immigration procedure on your own, getting the advice of a professional immigration consultant will be an added advantage for you.

Here are further instructions on some integral questions that you must ask your Immigration Consultants in Delhi, Pune, or elsewhere before finalising an expert. Check them out!

What is your registration number

While communicating with your streamlined immigration consultants make it a point to ask for their corresponding registration numbers.
Always keep this in mind that these professionals have to obtain their certifications from the immigration authorities of countries to where they arrange relocation. The registration number is an indication that the person is authorised.

Hence, never get consultations from a person who does not have a registration number but claims to be an experienced professional. If you overlook this and contact such an unregistered person, you might end up in facing dire legal consequences.

What are the procedures for immigration?
Usually, a professional immigration consultant of a specific country is supposed to have all the updated information about immigration to that particular destination. Therefore, he is supposed to provide you prompt answer to all your queries related to relocation to that specific destination. He is also supposed to help you in filling up your immigration for that country and guide you with the visa interview process too.

Thus, it becomes essential for you to have open talk with the client and know about all the immigration related procedures in order to understand how knowledgeable he is about his task. If you find that he is not very comfortable talking to you about these issues or tends to avoid face to face communication session then never think that appointing him will prove worthwhile for you.

What is your previous professional history?
Do not be hesitant about asking your selected immigration agents about their previous professional history. Basically, this inquiry will make you aware of issues like the number of times he has been successful in arranging immigration to the destination country, the number of visas he have successfully processed over his professional career and the average number of candidates who have been successful in the visa interview process under his guidance.

Usually, it is better to avoid verbal evidences on this matter because an unethical agent will tend to falsify with the ulterior motive to cheat you. Hence, try to gather as much written proof of his previous success stories as you can in order to establish his genuineness and work proficiency.

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