Best Countries For The Immigrants To Launch Business Venture

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Dec 14, 2018 · 2 min read

It is beneficial for any country to get the help of the foreigners to strengthen the national economy. For that reason, the investment opportunities are welcomed happily by many of the countries. People who are trying to encash the opportunity, visit the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi to get the most effective and quick result. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs want to extend their business or start new venture in the foreign land to explore more opportunity. However, there are some countries which wish to increase the number of skilled people to create job opportunity of the local people also. Here is the list of the countries which have linear immigration process and facilitated the immigrants to set up the business enterprise.

1. Canada: This country is offering the immigrants maximum number of facilities to set up and run their business without any hassle. The Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi have seen the preferences among the applicants to settle in Canada for these amenities. With strong economy, well-educated population and well-received approach for the investor immigrants, it is the most sought after country which offers investment range from CAN $220,000 to CAN $800,000.

2. United Kingdom: Another popular investor destination is the United Kingdom which offers Tier 1 Program. The Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi have seen many international ties take place every year with this country. The Visa program of the UK has the opportunity to single, returnable investment range between £2 million to £10 million.

3. United State of America: This country is endowed with the strongest economy of the world. Along with it, the flawless work ethics and flair for trading, make it a popular choice among on-shore investors since ages. They have to invest in a ‘for profit’ business venture ranging from $500,000 to $1 million.

4. New Zealand: The Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi are experiencing a sudden rise in the demand for New Zealand visa. The country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The law and regulation of New Zealand has made setting up a new business quite easy and flexible. The government is also encouraging the foreign investors by introducing free trade agreements with many countries.

5. Bulgaria: The most surprising addition in this list is Bulgaria. The country has made a mark to establish it an attractive destination for the immigrants who are looking for investment opportunities. The application for the immigration always receives a fast track process.

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