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Sep 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Australia is having an economic boom right now that is attracting or encouraging people from all over the world to move here for work and live. For several of these immigrants, there are excellent maintenance conditions, appropriate laws and an interesting new culture to experience. In order to move the country for work or study purposes, it is important to apply for and be given a visa. Australia offers many benefits to its country citizens & its permanent residents. Amongst a large number of benefits, Australia gives, enabling your family to move here and it is one of the most important gains. Being an Australian Permanent resident, you might be capable to sponsor your family to move to Australia by visas.

There are a plenty of various visas available and one that has enhanced more popular in present years is the partner visa. Most of the people who are falling in love with Australian citizen and they have a dream to settle abroad with their love and want to start a new life. Then they have to apply for the Spouse Visa for Australia. First and foremost, it is important that you must be eligible to apply for a spouse visa. The applicant must be either married or in a defector relationship with an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

There are two types of spouse visa categories which are as follows:-

1) Married Couples: — The applicants are eligible to apply for a spouse visa as a married partner and their marriage must be legal under Australian law.

2) De factor Relationship: — The applicants must be applying for the spouse visa as a defector relationship and they must have been in a relationship for at least 1 year. It is required to prove that their relationship is genuine and real. The relation can be accepted to an opposite and same-sex partner.

Here is the following eligibility for a Spouse visa for Australia which is:-

1. The applicant and her spouse should have promised to share their entire life.
2. Under the spouse visa for Australia, the applicant’s relationship must be genuine, real and an ongoing one.
3. The applicant and the spouse should have been in a relationship for the past 1 year and should give adequate proof for the same.
4. The applicant and the spouse must be at least 18 or above 18 years old.
5. It must be qualifying health & character criteria are mandatory.

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