Federal Skilled Worker-Easy way to get the PR status in Canada

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Nov 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Canada is one of the most well-known immigration destinations in the world. Like any other well-developed country, it offers its citizens superb working conditions as well as high standard of living. This is the reason why people want to immigrate to Canada in a long pace. Due to the skill shortage, Canada chooses the skilled immigrants as a permanent basis which depends upon their skills and talent that take part in the economy. There is a new system which is recently established to manage how people migrate to Canada with skilled work experience. This program is known as Express entry.

The federal skilled worker is the most popular immigration system in the entre express entry program. It is a golden opportunity for foreign skilled/trained migrants to achieve a PR visa in Canada. This Program selects immigrants depends on their skill to succeed economically in Canada. Skilled workers are people who are chosen as permanent residents based on their expertise to become economically settled in Canada. It is a fast track method to achieve PR visa of Canada. Only those candidates are eligible to apply for PR who meets with the minimum required criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Federal Skilled Worker:-
1) An Applicant is required to have at least one year of valid experience as full-time in the applying profession in the past 10 years.
2) In the federal skilled worker program, your profession or occupation must be classified within three levels:-
Skill type 0-Managerial occupation
Skill type 1-Professional occupation
Skill type B-Technical and skilled trades
3) An applicant need to obtain minimum 67 points under skill assessment system including all the factors
4) The Applicant must have a full-time job offer letter from the Canadian employer as a sponsorship and qualify with Labor market impact assessment.
5) The applicant must score enough language proficiency in either English or French.
6) They must have adequate funds to settle in Canada.
If you are eligible to apply for Canada PR visa without any need of job offer, you have to apply through the most suitable program for immigration and move without employment letter before immigration. Well, it is obvious need to hire an immigration consultant that can help to make the process easier and reliable.

Here are the basic steps to apply for Federal Skilled Worker which are as follows:-
1) You need to create an Express entry profile and apply for the federal skilled worker to make an expression of interest and submit it to CIC.
2) After that, the profile will be ranked in the comprehensive ranking system.
3) If you score high then Canada will send you an invitation to apply for Canada PR.
4) Under the Federal skilled worker program, you have to submit the health & character clearance certificate, other security checks and application for approval.
5) After that, the visa officers will review your profile and check the eligibility and approve it.
6) You have to pay the permanent resident fees and ask for a passport.
7) In the last step, you need to complete the entire process and successfully settle in Canada.

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