How To Apply For Canada Immigration Without Job Offer

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Oct 12, 2018 · 2 min read

According to the U.S News and World Report 2018, Canada topped the list of the countries to have the best quality of life. Here you can run your business smoothly, maintain high quality life style and retire peacefully. For these reasons, the country of maple leaf has become the dream destination of many. On the other hand, not every people who willing to move to Canada has a job offer from there. If you are one of them, and want to try your luck in Canada, then there are many other ways by which you can reach the country without any job offer. Many Immigration Consultants in Delhi can help you to reach your destination without much hassle. Here we will discuss few of the ways.
Quebec Skilled Workers Program: The QSWP is a specially designed program for offering immigration to the Quebec province without any job permit. To apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate, follow the below stated steps.

You need to apply to Quebec government for the official certificate to validate your selection which is called Certificat de sélection du Québec. They will select the candidate as per the local rule of Quebec government.

When you will acquire the certificate, only when you can apply for Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada or IRCC for the PR Visa for Canada.

You need to go through a medical examination and police verification during the process.

Federal Express Entry Program: The most popular program to immigrate to Canada from India is Federal Express Entry. This point base process maintains transparency to select the most deserving candidates. Following are the application process for Federal Express Entry:
You need to fill up the form with all the required details like work experience, skills, language known, education and other personal information.

The job match account will be made only after the application of the candidate become eligible. Job offer is not mandatory as you can search that after completion of the immigration process to Canada.

The score of the candidate will be based on the age, experience, skills, language proficiency and other criteria. The candidates with top scores will be invited which they have to apply within 90 days of the invitation.

Family Sponsorship Program: If you have any family relative resides as the Permanent Resident in Canada, then you can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa card via Family Sponsorship Program.

The sponsorship must maintain the following rules:
The relative resides in Canada must be above 18 years of age and capable enough to sponsor you.
The Sponsor should have Canadian citizenship along with authorized Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.
After the approval of application, the candidate can apply visa for Canada to the CIC.

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