Things you must know about PTE exams

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Jun 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Are you planning to relocate to Australia in order to pursue higher education from a foreign university? Then you have to appear for PTE examination and secure certain pass marks in order to get the immigration eligibility.

If you do not know much about PTE examination then thus article will help you. So, start reading.

Q. What is PTE examination all about?
PTE examination has been designed in order to test the English language proficiency of non-native immigrants who apply for relocation to Australia. The scores obtained by individual candidates ascertain how proficient they are in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

This examination is acknowledged by all the universities and study institutions in Australia. Hence, when a candidate passes this test successfully, he or she gains the eligibility to apply for immigration visa to Australia and study in any of the institutions in the country.

Q. What is the structure of PTE test?
The PTE test is divided into four distinctive modules. These modules are — Speaking module, Learning module, Writing module and Reading module. Perhaps, the name of each of the module is suggestive enough to get an idea of the specific language skill that is tested.

Q. How can work on my skill sets well before sitting for the exam finally?
There are online websites that conduct PTE model exam sessions for the interested candidates. You can visit those sites and sharpen your language skills by appearing in such model examinations over and over again.

However, you have to buy Pte Preparation Vouchers and incorporate the voucher code present in such vouchers in the selected site for appearing in such model examinations.

For your further information, lots of authentic sites offer these vouchers with various offers. You can check out any of them for buying your vouchers.

Q. Which is the most critical of the tests?
As such, all these tests are quite easy. Nevertheless, majority of the candidates report that they feel embarrassed to appear for the speaking test.

The basic problem with this test is that it lacks privacy and you will be supposed to take your examination in front of many other candidates. This specific feature of the test often makes candidates feel a bit embarrassed.

Nevertheless, the benefits of the speaking test are many. Firstly, this test is fully automated, which you do not have to sit in front of an examiner to take the text.

Secondly, as the test is totally computer controlled so the format is extremely standardized. You can be rest assured that you will never be asked any bizarre questions.

Thirdly, the test provides a time of three seconds to each of the candidates between two questions. We believe this time span is appropriate as far as helping you initiate your conversing is concerned.

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