Make It Count | Facebook Just Gave You A Second Chance

There was a solid two or three week period at the beginning of this year where I spent a large number of hours scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feed reading posts from many of you — artists and fans alike — about Facebook’s decrease in organic reach. For those of you reading this that are not familiar with the scenario:

They ruined it for everyone (it’s what marketers do).

Over the last few years, the cumulative population of Facebook Pages broke the system by overflowing their fan’s News Feeds with selfish posts containing sales pitches and sign-ups. They ruined it for everyone (it’s what marketers do).

In Late 2014 Facebook responded by activating a hefty cut in organic reach, dropping it to an average of 6.6% per post, effective January 2015.

This means that if you are in a band with 2,000 fans on Facebook and you make a post to your page, only about 6.6% (132 fans) of those 2,000 fans are actually seeing your post organically in their News Feed. In order to avoid overly-promotional content, this 6.6% can be dropped even lower if Facebook’s algorithms detect that your image posts contain more than 20% text (tour posters, ad mats, album art, etc.).

Music Startups (new artists/businesses/collectives)

Naturally, there was a lot of commotion regarding the matter and how it would negatively affect the Music Startups (new artists/businesses/collectives) in our scene who didn’t have the money to alternatively spend on Ads/Promoted/Unpublished Posts.

Luckily for everyone, Facebook heard your cries and has granted fans the ability to populate the very top of their News Feed with content from the Pages that they WANT to hear from. Simply click the “Following” dropdown on the Pages that you care about most and select “See First”!

Simply click the “Following” dropdown…and select “See First”!

Now the new posts from those Pages will appear first in your News Feed above all else.


So, what exactly does this mean for Music Startups?

You’ve all been given a second chance. You have the opportunity to create content that your fans care about, that provides VALUE to them and reaffirms their loyalty. In return, they click that glorious little button, putting you in one of the most valuable marketing locations in the entire advertising industry. The top of the user’s Facebook News Feed.

Originally posted to Table Three Media on August 5th, 2015

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