I felt both completely unprepared and absolutely certain I could handle it.
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Joey Cofone

This is a great way of phrasing a feeling I think many of your startup peers haven’t known how to put into words previously — myself included, though not yet involved with a startup.

It places, perfectly, the audacity with which we take long strides despite not necessarily always knowing what we’re doing, and the bravado which must be present to say, “yeah, but I’ll handle it regardless”.

I can remember being in 6th grade and having to write a short response about “What it means to be free” and truly believing that freedom means doing whatever the fuck you want, but understanding and accepting the resulting consequences. I still believe this wholeheartedly, but I don’t think everyone in this world is prepared or willing to be free.

You seem to be, though.

Keep up the killer work. Your storytelling is incredible.