Don’t Look Now, But Twitter Has Momentum With The Youth
Gary Vaynerchuk

What I’ve noticed about Twitter over the last 2 years - being involved in a niche music community (emo/pop punk/hardcore) heavily populated by 15–20 year olds - is that this demographic is actually hyper-utilizing the platform. Granted, their usage is less aimed at community — coctail — dialogue and more along the lines of Yik Yak distribution.

What I mean is: they’re hyperactive on the platform, but instead of chiming in on/starting conversations, they’re making statements — and bold ones too. The same way that Yik Yak users use that platform to make statements or observations anonymously around a certain location/topic, this particular demo of Twitter users is doing the same thing, actively and with their names attached.

I think there’s something to be said about that generation (and my own included) being more frequently exposed to activism and Rights movements than previous generations, then using that exposure as fuel and a spark to bolden up and be accountable for their posts.

I’m very confident that we’ll start to see the same growth in early-teen Twitter popularity as I did in my niche community on much larger scale very soon — though I’m not as good at guesstimating timelines as you are!

I really enjoyed the insight. Keep it up!