Sample of Git Workflow for Small Team

  1. MASTER branch should be Deployable (it’s supposed to be deployed and built by anyone at any time, NO ERROR)
  2. Create Branch from master, let’s called it develop branch (This branch will contain the complete history of the project)

*** below is example of creating branch ‘develop’ locally and push it into central repo

git branch develop

git push -u origin develop

(following those code, means now we have a branch called ‘develop’ on central repo)

3. Then all developers should clone the central repo and create a tracking branch for develop:

git clone pathtothecentralrepo

git checkout -b develop origin/develop

If you want to develop on your own task, branch it out from develop

git checkout -b your-awesome-feature develop

4. Finish working on your-awesome-feature branch?! merge back to develop branch,

but before doing that make sure code in your-awesome-feature branch does not conflict with the develop branch, if yes resolve it .

git pull origin develop

git checkout develop

git merge your-awesome-feature

git push

git branch -d your-awesome-feature **deleted your branch, not necessary but it's good practice

5. Ready to merge it to Master??

git checkout master

git merge --no-ff develop

— — — – — — — — - — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

6. ***When we do hot fix, always create a branch from Master, fix it then merge back into


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