EVIL is truly the ABSENCE of LOVE.

EVIL is truly the ABSENCE of LOVE.

This blog post came out of a response to a conversation with a friend about how aspects of the world are getting to ridiculous points.

The current visible and invisible EVIL evident in our world,
AT ITS ABSOLUTE ROOT- just plain comes down to two things:

– Everyone is operating out of fear (it rules us, and we have been indoctrinated to operate under fear). Horrible decisions can be made out of misappropriated fear.

– Not nearly enough people are operating from their MAIN OPERATING SYSTEM = LOVE Our hearts are MADE to operate in the rhythm of LOVE. According to Science of the Heart — HeartMath Institute (https://www.heartmath.org/…/downl…/science-of-the-heart/). Most of us find that decisions (if we look back on them) made solely on LOVE (NO expectations of return, just pure compassion for others) are the best decisions we make.

When we operate out of fear, we are causing our hearts great stress as well as undue stress to our mind/psyche.

THIS is the reason that so many across the world are suffering, this is why our politics (world-wide) are shit, this is why we are killing our planet and each other, THIS IS WHY our world is so fucked up.

Just imagine. A world where everybody treats everyone with love. Not our sometimes twisted versions of love. NOT the ‘what’s in it for me’ kind where we only show affection in order to get some in return, NOT the conditional kind of love that is tied to the behavior or choices of another person. BUT THE UNCONDITIONAL kind of LOVE. THE TRULY UNCONDITIONAL KIND THAT LOVES OURSELVES AND OTHERS WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED, NO EXPECTATIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS!


– likely NOT have or need money, because everyone would give willingly and freely with each other from any abundance they would have.

– treat not only other humans with respect and allow them to thrive (not merely survive), but also animals and the planet too (we are not as separate and disconnected as we have been taught to believe).

– NEVER ALLOW homelessness OR starvation! Our love for one another would trump ALL and we would simply give our excess away, INSTEAD of throwing it away. We would help to build a house, without needing Habitat for Humanity- because that would be our natural way of operating….

– not be FILLED with those who would kill, maim and rape. Those actions would be atrocious to to even consider, let alone to act upon. Our children would not fear going to school and their parents would not fear sending them.

– NOT even have race evident as a concept, because we would ALL LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS AN EXTENSION OF OURSELVES REGARDLESS OF COLOR, BELIEF, NATIONALITY, ETHNICITY, GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS because the arm of one body does not look at the toe and ask it to be an arm. It allows it to be what it is, a toe, and does not look down upon it simply for being what it was meant/created to be.

– Would use education in a way that is more individualized for each student. Every child is different, while they can all share some similarities. Our current system is set up to force teachers to adhere to a business model of education for gain of profit for the institution, instead of what their hearts know as the student being the one needing the PROFIT or education. And not the corporate mandated, watered down version that it has been allowed to become. BUT in an open ended, mind expanding, and personal growth creating education that we are intended to have.
You do not tell a round peg to be square, you find the right peg for the right hole and the same goes for people.
You do not try to conform kids into some cookie-cutter citizens who question nothing and merely follows rules.
The classroom as it stands right now, is too constrictive and the teachers are not allowed the creative freedom to be able to do the MOST EFFICIENT JOB of creating individuals who arecreative and diverse. Both of which are needed to move us forward….

– NOT even HAVE MEANINGLESS jobs. Each person would be free to explore the depths of their inner selves, passions, desires, dreams, ideas and abilities/skills/talents. If there were universal healthcare and/or income, people would be free from jobs for the sake of income and health care/life insurance. IMAGINE the expanse of invention and service that would be created in that environment and economy…..

– NOT still be using outdated, outmoded and frankly prehistoric fossil fuels that kill our planet and cause billions of dollars in human sickness. Not to mention the extinction of many of the animals we know and love by the time our great-grandkids walk the earth. They may never see (more than in pictures) a polar bear, tiger, elephant and hundreds of other species that WE AND OUR ACTION HAVE MURDERED AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. The global warming is enough that sea levels will rise 9ft worldwide by 2030. https://youtu.be/-gstw44DeSI

– NOT have such insane income differences (if income would be needed at all). In a world operating in LOVE, we would never even consider keeping a ton more money than our neighbors, not when children are starving and there are homeless. ALL OF OUR investments in society as a whole would show that LOVE to all, and all would always benefit from the generosity of others and there would be little to no resentment, because sharing would be the norm. greed would be the oddity.

– Our police (if they were even needed at all in the way they are needed now) would never dare to treat the very people they are CALLED TO SERVE & PROTECT like common criminals. our jails would be rehabilitation centers that are based on research and TRULY EFFECTIVE REHABILITATION FOR PEOPLE. MENTAL HEALTH would be a priority and we would eventually move to a world without the need for as much mental health as is needed now. SIMPLY BECAUSE a world acting with LOVE (unconditional, remember) would not treat each other in the ways that cause such psychosis and emotional instability.

– Health Care, would not even be a question, because we would KNOW IN OUR HEARTS that WE ARE ONLY AS HEALTHY AS OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Pharmaceutical companies would to gouge their customers and string them along to barely treat them in order to gain profit. ALL OF THE HIDDEN CURES AND RESEARCH LEADING TO CURES would be free to be exposed, instead of hidden to gain profit and rob the people of their health, their money and their livelihood.

– Corporations and corruption would not INFILTRATE EVERY ASPECT OF OUR ‘GOVERNMENT’. We would be operating more with a unified idea of human rights maybe even have evolved to EXISTENCE RIGHTS. So that we cover animals and plants as well. The Earth itself is a being that is living and allowing life to thrive (but only when treated properly).

These are just a few of the visions I have when I imagine a world without hate & fear, operating in tune with LOVE.

If you take some time to think, really let yourself go and imagine a world where all people operated with LOVE in our hearts, instead of fear and hatred in our minds.

Tell me what kind of world would we have then?

What world do you envision?