Light Up the World With Your Love

I want to thank all of you, for showing up to try and change the world for the better through not only non-violent means, but through cultivating and spreading love. In our society, the word LOVE has been divided, diluted and sometimes misshapen and twisted into something that is wholly unrecognizable.

One of the many goals here today, is to REDEFINE LOVE.
I want to talk about Love in it’s truest form. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The kind that is not withheld based on actions or circumstances. Unconditional Love COVERS ALL. Like a blanket, over everyone. Our typical version or definition of love, is like a worn and tired blanket with HUGE holes that leave many people — empty and bare. We have called all of you here, to help us put UNCONDITIONAL LOVE into practice. We need your help to close up all the holes in that blanket, by helping us to sew patches of love that will renew and expand the blanket so that NO ONE is left in a cold and heartless world.

So gather round; believers, dreamers, vibration surfers, humanitarians, rights reclaimers, planet protectors, animal avengers, justice promoters, diversity supporters, prayer warriors, unity promoters, equality enforcers, acceptance allies, freedom fighters and ANYONE who hopes to change the world for the better for ALL OF US!

Join us in spreading LOVE instead of hate. This can only truly begin from within each one of us. In your OWN mind and heart, when a conditional thought attaches itself to your willingness toward acceptance and expressions of Love, do not only try to wipe it away. Look inside, even if it is uncomfortable, and determine where is that thought or feeling coming from? Is it from a place of Love? Or a place of judgment?

Remember that REAL LOVE has NO strings or conditions attached.

EVERY person deserves to be free, with NO chains and restrictions. Free to pursue their own personal happiness as long as it DOES NOT harm others or prevent their journey toward happiness. No one can be judged as unworthy of Love. We have all made mistakes, big and small. For ALL OF US have failed at times and all of us deserve to experience Unconditional Love. The more failings one has, THE MORE WE NEED LOVE to NOT be tied to any conditions.

There is so much HATE in our world, that Untethered Love is the only thing that will transform the hate — enough, for Love itself — to PREVAIL.

When conditions are placed on love, it is as a flame without oxygen;
It can only last a short while, before it goes out.
It will never regain the flame, until oxygen is again, freely available.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said,

“Darkness cannot DRIVE OUT darkness;
only LIGHT can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only LOVE can do that.”

If hate — is to darkness; what light — is to Love.
Then let us unchain the flashlights we carry, so that we can brighten even the darkest and most remote spaces of darkness.

Let us
- BIG CHANGE can happen,
It starts with just a spark -

As you can see from the candles, what started
as one small spark or flame,
Barely making a dent in the darkness, Has grown, transformed and spread to encompass many..
Only by each of us, igniting the flame of love and compassion within ourselves;
Will we spread enough light to brighten the darkness.

It is IMPERATIVE for our future, that we show grace and compassion toward ALL who make broken choices, which break themselves and others.

Our purpose here, today is to begin an epicenter of LOVE that radiates outward in ALL DIRECTIONS until it spreads into an EarthQuake of LOVE, that shakes all hatred and judgement to it’s core. From now forward we will do our best to express empathy, compassion, grace, forgiveness and love to those who either weren’t or haven’t been able to show those qualities to others AND to those who have never had those qualities shown to them. We are here to focus our POSITIVE ENERGY, hopes, prayers and unconditional Love towards those who behave like enemies of humanity, animals, plant life and the planet; as well as those who have been treated as if they were enemies.

Today, our purpose is to NOT accuse, reward, praise, honor, martyr, or vilify those whose choices have echoed evil intentions.

Our purpose is to mourn their choices. Because NONE OF US can say with 100% accuracy or certainly, that we would not have made similar or equivalent choices if given the same life experiences and circumstances. Most of us hope we never would.

I am not at all trying to justify any actions taken by anyone. But I believe with my WHOLE HEART that most of the people we’ve deemed as “monsters,” were people first. They had dreams, hopes, compassion and love in their hearts. Some have snapped due to extreme circumstances beyond their control. Some have lost their way while navigating this terrain called life, with all of it’s peak and valleys, turmoil and confusion. Some were stripped of their last shred of humanity when they felt wronged, ignored, rejected, mistreated, oppressed, abused or neglected.

Author and philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said it like this:

“ The way you see people is the way you treat them,
and the way you treat them is WHAT they become.”

As we look around at all of the atrocities, evil behaviors, demeaning speech and corrupt activities that are multiplying exponentially on a daily basis in our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country and encompassing our entire planet;

WE ALL MUST ask ourselves,
“What part DO I play in all of this destruction?”

IN WHAT WAYS have my actions or inaction, words and YES, EVEN THOUGHTS negatively or harmfully contributed to the continuation of this unkind and uninhabitable landscape that is developing all around me?

IN WHAT WAYS have my actions, words and thoughts, lovingly and positively contributed to ‘The More Beautiful World that ALL of our hearts HOPE & KNOW is possible’?


The truth is, we are an intricately interconnected and interdependent web of life; Humans, animals, insects, plants and planet. When one suffers, we all suffer. Not only is this physical ecosystem completely out-of-whack, but our inner most being is in GRAVE danger. When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.

It all boils down to this: regardless of your beliefs;
be they scientific and physical, supernatural and spiritual or cosmic and natural. WE ARE OF ONE KIND.

From the subatomic vibrations, to the life force that flows through everything that breathes; WE ARE ENERGY

Albert Einstein says:
Match the frequency of the reality you want
and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This IS NOT PHILOSOPHY.

Let us end this fearful and hateful reality. There is no higher vibration than that of Love. Love is the vibration that our hearts were made to beat to. Let us raise the vibrations of this reality to that of Love. Let us end the suffering by choosing to extend words, actions and thoughts of empathy, compassion and Love to EVERYONE, Even the seemingly undeserving.

No matter their: nationality, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, skin color, heritage, cultural background, religious preference, belief systems, rationale, life experiences, ideologies, choices or perspectives.

ONCE you STRIP AWAY all of our labels of division which we use to categorize, in our frail attempt to understand;

We are simply — beings, living in a shared ecosystem, which depend on each other. An elaborate ecosystem that requires a balance with far more intention and attention than we have afforded to it.

The planet itself is our womb, nurturing us with its bounty.

Sharing this womb, makes EVERY LIVING THING our siblings in this existence. Let us all show Love to one another like family. Let us NOT CONTINUE this dysfunctional relationship that has carried over from days, years and centuries past. Let us forget our differences except within the beauty of diversity. Let us collectively seek the harmonious unity that we all so intensively crave deep within our hearts, buried far beneath the cynicism and doubt, hidden under the rubble of broken hearts, lost loves and forgotten dreams. WE KNOW that this world and each other are meant for more than this needlessly painful road to self destruction. The change begins within the individual hearts and minds of everyone of us.

Someone once said:

“Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.
Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.
Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.
Be careful of your habits , for your habits become your character.
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.”

Are YOU satisfied with what has become our reality and destiny?

I personally, am not.

So If Albert Einstein is right and it is possible for us to change our reality with the frequency and vibrations of our desires, then let’s raise our vibrations to that of unconditional Love.

~ Go with me here; ~

Imagine someone you love.
You may close your eyes and visualize it if you want to.

Hold TIGHTLY to that feeling.

Now. Take that feeling, focus, pray, and meditate on those positive vibes and thoughts of that Love. Now, send that feeling of unconditional and untethered LOVE out: to all those who have afflicted other’s with making cruel judgments and — to all those who have been judged cruelly. Continue to hold those feelings of deep Love and extend that love out for all those who’ve excluded others for any reason and for those who have been excluded. Take THAT SAME DEEP LOVE YOU HAVE FOR YOUR FOCUS PERSON AND EXPAND that even farther outward for those who have denied basic rights and for those who’ve had their basic rights denied. Focus on that unending Love and wrap it around those whose words, hands, weapons, ideologies, beliefs, choices, actions, inaction and behaviors that have hurt, wounded or killed others, the environment and planet. WRAP THAT LOVE around those people, animals, environments and planet that have been hurt, wounded or killed by the words, hands, weapons, ideologies, beliefs, choices, actions, inaction, and behaviors of others.

WE GATHER TODAY to offer all of our grace, empathy, acceptance, compassion and LOVE for our COLLECTIVE consciousness, humanity, universe and all of creation, to ripple outward. We are spreading this message of LOVE in order to move toward and maintain the vibration of Love in the hearts of anyone who has fallen or will fall victim to injustices, inequality and hatred. We offer these feelings and messages of grace, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY to all those whose hearts have been darkened and hardened by injustices, inequality, rejection and cruelty that influenced the hardening of their hearts.

WE send OUT our compassion, empathy, and infinite Love to warm ALL OF OUR icy hearts of fear and hate; transforming them all instead to warm hearts of kindness and acceptance. Let that infinite LOVE turn us all into beings of love and joy for ourselves and each other.

ALL LIVING THINGS should be allowed to grow, develop, learn, evolve, and exist FREE FROM hurt, anger, hatred, exclusion, injury or death by the hand of another. All this while being surrounded by loving, caring, beings living in harmonious unity with each other, the planet and potentially the universe.


“Love is patient, Love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered and it keeps no records of wrongs.”

I leave you to remember this message from a very smart man I know;

‘Take this unconditional Love out into the world.
Where someone you meet, might need a kind word,
a friendly smile or a helping hand.
You never know when that one thought, word or action
may be the very thing, that changes EVERYTHING.’

Go in Love and Peace.


Remember this
and go about your day and life with:
LOVE in your thoughts,
LOVE in your words
And LOVE in your actions.
For they are the ones that are in the GREATEST NEED and have the greatest deficit. And after all, we are ONLY as STRONG as our weakest link.

Go and LOVE the WORLD!



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