My Response:

Emotions are rampant. But can we use our emotions to benefit us, instead of cripple us?

Personally, I feel DEEPLY:

  • DISAPPOINTED in the corruption that everyone has ignored, exacerbated, participated in & encouraged.
  • ANGRY at the RAMPANT injustices that are being created, ignored & perpetuated which impede (everyday in every way) upon every humans right to not only pursue Happiness, but to achieve it (without excessive duress or selling of the soul).
  • DISTURBED by our worship of $ Money & $ Profit has PRECEDED our LOVE & APPRECIATION FOR PLANET & PEOPLE
  • ANNOYED that the STATUS-QUO programming (via: education, marketing, ads, propaganda, etc- too many to list them all here) has changed our TRUE giving, caring & loving nature to that of a greedy, apathetic and hateful nurture.
  • UPSET at the system set-up that seems to allow all of the above situations
  • CONCERNED that our COLLECTIVE SHIFT OF MIND may not be powerful enough to REDIRECT our flow of thought and choice from the negative (greed & injustice) to the positive (generosity & equality).
  • GRATEFUL for those who choose to see the silver lining, the bright side, & THE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.
  • HOPEFUL that there are enough of us who want to change the world FOR THE BETTER FOR EVERYONE & THE PLANET, that it still is a TRUE POSSIBILITY (in my mind at least)
  • EXCITED for the POSSIBILITY of a new & different societal system & structure that TRULY VALUES ALL PLANET & PEOPLE in a more complete, appropriate & supportive way.

If you feel similar emotions, I invite you to speak with me and others. Discuss HOW we can CHANGE it. Let’s make a real plan and put it into action!!