Construction Time Lapse Video — The Hidden Advantages

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Jun 11 · 2 min read

Construction time lapse video are used for years as a powerful advertising medium. The ability to sell real estate through slick videos increases revenue many times over. But do you know the benefits of a time lapse cameras?

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Construction time lapse video can record video surveillance and provide live cameras for property development. Time-lapse videos can be made during the day or around the clock. Constructive videos help keep the design on schedule and allow managers to make better decisions about what actually happens at work. Modern time lapse cameras offer stunning HD visualization during development.

Construction time lapse videos are an excellent marketing tool for contractors who demonstrate their projects. They are a visually attractive way to connect with customers and other stakeholders. Time-lapse images can be shared on various platforms, including your website and social media channels.

In addition, remote video surveillance can help improve security and reduce criminal losses and damage. Direct operators can activate loudspeakers to prevent offenders, and call the police if they detect suspicious behavior.

Remote monitoring services improve project management. They allow building managers every day to compare project progress, make video-making videos on time, and view camera channels from computers, laptops or smartphones off-site.

The ways construction time lapse video work?

Time cameras are mounted on adjacent buildings or other observation points to get the best air view of a project. The delay service from UCIT offers additional benefits.

Construction time lapse video cameras are maintained to help maintain top video high quality.

A custom branded web link can be looked at reside throughout the construction project.

Daylight snap shots are captured every 10 minutes, edited, and saved to a server for consumer watching.

By the end of the project, the time lapse video may be a superb marketing tool to present the awareness of the construction project.

Construction time lapse cameras observe each stage of property d improvement, whether or not it’s a shopping plaza, office building, multifamily community, car dealership, or industrial site.

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