picture 1 In India
picture 2 Form yuxuan yang
picture 3 Form yuxuan yang
picture 4 Form yuxuan yang

Description of the photography

I choose the photographer is Hervé, Lucien. The strategy is a series of seemingly building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light. I took three pictures that I think like Hervé, Lucien style. I took these pictures is to show buildings by shadows and light. Picture1 is form Hervé, Lucien. Picture2 is the central park, central park is a landmark building in Sydney. Around the perimeter of the building covered with grass, so that building looks very beautiful. I took this photo in the evening, the light and dark contrast, this is my choice of strategy. Picture3 and 4 are two hotels, respectively is Mercure and Novotel. The design of Novotel gave me the feeling very classical. But Mercure with some modern sense. This two hotel has a good location, architectural style is also beautiful, so I choose to take photos of these two hotels. These photos also show the contrast of light and shadow, so I think that conform to the photographer’s style.


Hervé, Lucien-Le Corbusier

-Architecture de vérité/Architetcure of Truth, (Paris-London Paidon, 2000)

-Lucien Hervé: building images (Los Angles: Getty Research Institute ,c2004)

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