Is there a greater oxymoron than SaaS products for enhanced digital communications requiring a phone call with a sales rep?

I recently tried to do business with two companies offering SaaS platforms which are intended to help improve digital communications. Capacity offers natural language processing and improved functionality for Slack integrations, and Redox is a middleware for healthcare technology platforms which provides simplified interoperability for developers in that space.

Or at least, that’s what I think they are, according to their websites. Both have a sales flow which entails a hosted demo with a sales rep, both collected my phone…

Attribution: UltimateWarrior13 [CC BY-SA 4.0]

This is a post about marketing.

I figured I should tell you that right away, because if you’re here for a post about Taylor Swift, well, you’ll probably be disappointed. Swift gets plenty of press on her own without my humble contributions, and she’s only tangentially connected to the point here. She just happened to be in the line of fire today, so it seemed to be a prime example.

But first, a little about media theory:

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “The Medium is the Message”. He posited that a medium itself, not the content it carries, should be…

Hey tech startups! Are you looking to cash in on the hot new social app trend of 2019? Then take these five key lessons from Facebook on how to harvest the power of anti-social media!

  1. Use a content algorithm to intensify human tribalism so that any variation from in-group heterodoxy is seen as a fundamental human failing.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front. If your app isn’t creating divisive polarity around two dimensional topics, then how are you going to grow your DAU’s? Humans have a need to belong almost as intense as your need for…

If you’ve been wasting your time on Medium trying to write articles that are “thoughtful”, “well-written”, or “compelling reading”, you’ve probably figured out by now that those tactics will gain you about a hundred or so views, and some half-hearted “claps” from your followers. Which, to be fair, is better than the clap you get from your followers as a member of a local band, but I digress.

In my journey to unlock the magical secrets of high view counts on Medium, I went straight to the source: people who write on Medium.

I started off with this missive from…

It started as they often do: a random request on Google Hangouts from a profile with no picture and no history. They do this kind of thing countless times a day; send out message requests to random dudes using an account with a woman’s name. The current scam du jour is known as the “Lonely Hearts” scam, and their goal is to develop an online relationship with lonely men, via which they extract money from their mark.

Unfortunately for today’s scammer, he hadn’t reached a random lonely guy; he’d reached me, an obnoxious internet veteran with nothing better to do…

No, not you, you world changing developers of actually useful mobile apps. Let’s get that out of the way right up front. I’m talking to you, content providers, public utilities, financial institutions, and the myriad other folks begging me to “TRY THE MOBILE APP!!11!” when a half decent responsive website would deliver the services you already provide to the desktop just fine*. It’s 20 god damn 17, and you’re still serving up a crappy website with the suggestion that I download your mobile app. …

It’s 2:00PM on Tuesday, September 12th. As I write this, the power and cell service have been down at my house for nearly three days. I’m mentally exhausted, a little shell shocked, and a lot angry. Some of that is justified, some, probably just a reaction that will fade with time. For those who have never lived through a hurricane, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned.

1. Our power and telecom infrastructures are woefully unreliable.

…and since it’s been implemented, I have not “liked” a single story. If I wanted to be using middle school emojis in reading interaction I’d be on Twitter or Tumblr. I thought that Medium was supposed to be the grown up thoughtful space.

Chris J

Technology Exec, Foodie, Beer Lover, Futurist, Smart Ass. I lead the technology group at The Symphony Agency, but opinions here are my own.

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