We live in the same world, but the 7.3 Billion people are divided between the 196 countries. Some days ago a natural disaster happened in Nepal, the 7.8 magnitude Earthquake. Facebook, which has a potential of a huge database of people and communities around the globe who are very much active on it, ran a donation campaign for the Nepal tragedy and in just some days the campaign raised $17 million for the Nepal earthquake relief. It was a great example of people coming together for a small country and helping out with just a little effort. In that campaign people didn’t think that Nepal is a different country people just thought about the ‘humanity’.
We see everyday people of different countries fighting with each other over many issues like terror, communal, economics, sports etc. Competition has a different role to play in and it is healthy but when it comes to fight we see just one thing above all ‘our or my country’.
I am just trying to imagine a world where we see all the people, the humanity as one group together and not by a citizen of any specific country. We saw the example of coming together and helping out the needful, likewise we can help, empower and develop the world with a pace like never seen before. We can fight and solve the world’s biggest problems like poverty, hunger, health, security, education, terrorism, racism. We can built a sustainable and more balanced world that we would love to imagine and live in.

P.S: It is my first attempt in writing an article. I kept it short intentionally. I want people to read, review and start a healthy discussion or debate may be. Please comment below whatever you feel or want to say. Also, please share the article if you like.

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