Increasing Blog Traffic: How To Keep Readers Coming To Your Blog

You’ve probably put in a lot of effort to writing posts for your online blog and getting it looking pretty, but who’s going to read it?

How do you get people to keep reading, and coming back to read more of what you’re posting?

What is the secret to increasing blog traffic? Let’s find out:

Here are three tips that will definitely help your blog retain readership

Don’t say it all in one post

You’re not writing a novel, so one post doesn’t have to be the whole story. Once you get up to about 500 words in a post, think about maybe splitting that into two or more posts. Linking posts together with a theme means that readers will want to come back to see what happens next. This is particularly useful if you’ve got a topic where there’s lots to write about, such as a holiday or trip. Each post could focus on a different aspect of your theme, and you could publish them over a series of days or weeks. Let your readers know that there is more coming so that they have an incentive to return.

Use internal links to other related posts

This is useful to the reader because it shows them other content on your blog that they might be interested in, and means that they’re likely to stay longer and read. It helps the reader to navigate your blog. So for example, if you’re reading this post about increasing blog traffic, you might also be interested in this post about SEO, or this one about domain authority. See what we did there? It’s not exactly subtle but as long as whatever you link to is relevant to the main post, it earns its place. Using internal links also helps your blog come up higher in Google rankings, as they will help Google search through your blog and find the useful pages in there. And when you come up higher in Google searches, readers are more likely to find you if you’re writing about topics they’re searching for.

Answer readers’ comments

This is a nice thing to do to acknowledge the people who take the time to comment on your blog. It makes connections and helps you build a community with your readers. Though if you are under 13 then we would advise getting adult help in moderating and answering comments. And if your commenter is a blogger who has left a link to their blog, it’s good to go visit their blog and maybe leave them a comment too. This is something that we don’t get the time to do on KBC but that’s because we like to leave the comment space to you kids.

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