A Personal Project

Over the past month or so, I have been working on a custom greeting card design with the intention of sending copies to my close friends and family. It will include well wishes and updates on the latest happenings in my life. This card is part of a new personal endeavor I’ve decided to take on, the goal being to send a custom card like this at the start of each season, hopefully for years to come.

I’ve wanted to take on a new personal project for quite some time now, but could never seem to find the time or an idea that motivated me enough. But a few months ago, the right idea and inspiration finally hit me from multiple directions

The first bit of inspiration came when one of my long time best friends, Krissy, asked me if I would design her wedding invitations. Designing wedding invitations is a very different project compared to the websites I spend most of my days designing and developing, and I was excited for the creative breath of fresh air. I excitedly agreed to take on the task, and have been having so much fun working on the invites so far. It feels so good to be able to stretch other parts of my creative brain again, and I didn’t want this spark to start and end with these wedding invitations.

I was also inspired by a Creative Mornings talk I went to, by the Chicago-based calligrapher Jenna Blazevich. I loved the story of how she developed her skills in lettering and design. She had recently moved to a new city and didn’t want to lose touch with those she cared about, so she began sending yearly Valentines to her friends and loved ones. Next, she started coming up with new reasons to design and send cards, besides just for Valentine’s day. Jenna said that sending her designs to people she cared about was the safest way to distribute her work, because most are not art critics and all would appreciate the kind gesture of such a personal piece of mail.

Lastly, I was inspired by some Christmas cards I received last December, which included family updates from the past year. I had never come across this custom before, but quickly fell in love with it. I try to send holiday cards to almost everyone I know, even those that I may not get a chance to regularly talk to. Including the year’s highlights in a holiday card is such a wonderful opportunity to quickly stay in touch with everyone.

Since Steve and I moved to Chicago last fall, I worry about losing touch with my family and all the friends I’ve made in both Connecticut and New York. I’m not the best at communicating with people, so creating a new ritual is a great way to hold myself accountable for staying in touch.

My desire for a personal project, this new creative spark I’ve found, an inspiring talk, and the hopes of keeping in touch with those I care about have all driven me to start this new quarterly card endeavor. I hope you all enjoy receiving these personal pieces of mail from me, and I hope that I can manage to carry on this project for years to come. Keep an eye out for your spring cards!