Answers within Mind Traveling

“Anonymity is what makes it able to write compositions which show the deepest desires of our hearts.”

Love is composed of the most elemental and most universal aspects of human experience. One of which is the aspect of affinity, in disregard of specific instances, referred to as being “in a relationship”. Life itself presupposes that you meet multifarious people at a different time in this unparalleled universe.

If you empathetically believe that the seismic core of being called “soul” exists, then the probability of beckoning each other’s soul is attainable. After an elasticity of time, you possibly have unforeseen this one, total opposite person, and eventually both of you complements your significant other’s paradox of the soul. Thoroughly, you begin to discover each other’s unconditional affection, perpetual laughing, and perennial perplexities. And at a turning point, you went to great lengths to deceive yourselves that the bestirring beauty of love is infinite and unconquerable, and realized that beneath the undefinable colors of your eyes, they held the universe.

In fact, perhaps surprisingly, things just don’t go along your way. The only constancy this world gives is change. And the two souls slowly drift apart from each other to go on and live separate lives. It’s inevitable that pauses will punctuate alongside ecstasy. In this state, depression and anxiety begin to unfold.

Instead of settling for optimism, you went to the dark side of the road. You start considering yourself as a pathetic, incapable human being, you begin to imprison yourself in your own thoughts, and you’re genuinely on the verge of tears and in the indispensable portal of tangled emotions.

But, allow me to tell you this…

After what feels like an eternity of longing and yearning for your significant other, you see yourself as a bundle of contradiction and in a full phase of experience. Damn, you’re a total wreck. But right when you plumb the depths of your ambivalent relationship with that person, you start to realize one thing: It’s all in the mind.

If you let yourself surf through with the waves of the kiss of death, if you let depression show you a different light that you won’t make it out and that you aren’t enough, if you worry too much about occasional sounds of silence, if you finally get to see that person today and let yourself be afraid that your heart would jump out of your chest, and if you let time do the healing, then you are finally learning.

You wonder. You think. You weigh and see things in different perspectives. You begin to see the possibilities. You mind travel. And that’s imperative enough for you to rise again from the downfall that had caused too much debris in your life. Inasmuch as mind traveling, you conduce to discover and seek answers and closure within yourself.

I pause here to note that, there are way too many passionately changed but poorly thought-out arguments with battling depression and anxiety. You should thrive in one-on-one situations and experience the overwhelming feeling when in groups. You need not to let your own thoughts eat you, yet you have to let yourself experience pain, whether it be in emotional or mental state. It’s a fundamental part of your nature that everything begins and ends with thinking, and that optimism should encompass in your system for you to find inner peace.


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