Fragments Under 140 °

  1. She was accustomed to wait for that green dot beside your name to light up. Now, she barely even visits the box; unheard of the knocks.
  2. But she was just another cigarette he’s going to puff. Burning for his happiness; thrown away when the flame fades out.
  3. Of colors and patterns, we were butterflies. Brittle were my wings; you didn’t know I was
  4. Your kisses were forbidden; your existence, a sin. Still she pressed her lips onto that coffee cup and left lipsticked stains of her name.
  5. He was a star gazer; followed a shooting star, thought it would lead him on. Came back w/ a memory, she only fed his eyes w/ her beauty.
  6. It was dusk when she started to distort the metaphors. There she found interest in his name.
  7. Arching her back at the corner of the room. She needs to leave that deafening place. The walls screamed for memories and his name.
  8. The spine of a book, she said. Papers glued. Ripped pages don’t come off completely. Fragments of papers glued on the spine were memories.
  9. She wanted to be more than just that triangle of rain that your windshield wipers miss on your car window; more than just that cyclical movement you make as you spin your spoon around in your coffee cup.
  10. It’s as if she’s a goldfish swimming in the forest; finds herself lost in the woods. Unable to defeat the sword of his taunting stare.
  11. Curled in bed sheets. Tucked in pillows. Rolled to the other side of the bed; his scent consuming her body.
  12. Leaves ran along with the wind in a marathon spirit. Raindrops slammed on the roof shouting for company. You were my favorite storm.
  13. Time was kept in a bottle before gods. One wanted to rule over it. Unclenched in gold, time flew by so fast they couldn’t put a halt.
  14. He conquered his fear of loving someone who couldn’t love him back. She was his mission; he was just her puzzle piece.
  15. Came across those brown eyes. Held the world in static motion; gravity pulled us apart. Fate didn’t want us to end up with each other.
  16. Scribbled unsaid thoughts on the pages of my journal; you stole it from me the next day. Scribbled apologies on the last page, and left.
  17. Deem her worthy of loving you; for bottled up emotions and bandaged scars. She paints her mask every night, and wears it during the day.
  18. Arms wrapped around her body under the night sky. Whispered goodbye; shed tears. Fingers intertwined; he has to leave everything behind.
  19. Clustered uncertainties devour her mind. Hangs hopelessly onto fate’s thread. Waiting for nothing. And that’s how she commits suicide.
  20. She lost herself in body modifications; inked tattoos and stretch marks of his name. Oppressed by murmurs of how to forgive and forget.
  21. Stretched my fingers and pushed these tiny blocks of letters; ended up erasing. I wasn’t supposed to talk to you.
  22. Buried his senses way down deep the earth’s crust; he doubted them. Loud whispers said she breaks hearts with just a single sentence.
  23. Dust came before rocks. Remembered inscribed marbles that dated back a couple years ago. Her tomb was his favorite fortress.
  24. You’ve shown me traces of yourself being a self-destructive emotion. I stood still, and held my hand with a grenade.
  25. Bloodshot rose petals between pages. Knitted them like paper dolls in cross strokes; threw it away in the library.
  26. Hearts full of dark clouds; barely breathes, hardly lives. Purple skies painted his soul moonlit bright.
  27. Suppressed gut issues; covered ears. Still confusion slid through between those minute spaces of his fingers.
  28. All he had were crooked fingernails; bruised convex knuckles. She was the toughest wall he ever dared to climb.
  29. Wake up. You’re dreaming again. Fill those empty illusions with misery. Remember, he won’t cross the bridge and set your world on fire.
  30. You won’t be his cup of tea nor his music preference. You won’t be his favorite scent of musk. And, you won’t be his.
  31. Stop. Even if it means cutting those tiny hollowed vessels encompassing your body. Open the door. Smile. And walk away.
  32. Sunrises are the only witnesses I survived another night; soaked pillows and blankets with streams of tears.
  33. Leave. Your body is the only way out. Unlock your lips, untangle your fingers. Run. Don’t strangle yourself with a stranger.
  34. You have every right to break fear’s mirror; devour them like crystals. Spit blood all over the walls; write her a letter, leave her a note.
  35. You knew she’s a paradox. But you’ll continue to love every corner of her body. She will love you at your worst; leave you at your best.
  36. Submit yourself to the monstrosity of the void. Offer your soul to the thunders and lightning bolts. Regain your strength from typhoons.
  37. He can still lie even when he crosses his heart and swears he needed you.
  38. Flowery, flattery, folly. You’re just one of his promiscuous selection. Don’t be moved by them.
  39. Cigarettes, alcohol. Trouble resisting. Bad habits. The hardest habit to break; missing you.
  40. Your lips. They whisper lies when we kiss; whistle broken promises. Shutterspeed kisses were blindfolds on my lips.
  41. The feeble-hearted woman. Her tears trickled down her cheek, past her blankets, and onto the riverbed. She sighed in relief and smiled.
  42. Time’s running. I had to make my way and deliver. Vowed constant exchange of mails. Never thought our coffee would run this cold.
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