Feeling broken sucks. Have you ever liked someone so much. But, they can’t seem to see it. I have wait I do. It sucks so much. I’m not gonna say names but, there is this dude and we have talked everyday from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. He told me he likes me. But, he doesn’t trust a long distance relationship. I never do anything bad in a long distance relationship. I don’t care if he lives clear in a different country. I’m just gonna love him like if he where to live right next time me. Yeah, there is ups and down about a long distance relationship but I’m willing to take the chance if he is. But, he has a girlfriend and I understand that he loves her and he cares for her. I’m just happy he has someone he loves. But, I’m always upset that it is not me. But, I understand and I’m happy for him. I just don’t know how to feel I have liked him for so long. I guess he just cant see it how much I care about him. I tell him everything and he barely tells me anything I always ask what is wrong like sometimes he well tell me but, most of the time he tells me not to worry about it. I’m always gonna worry about it I would ask him to tell me but, I don’t want bug him about it. So, I just try to change the subject but it is hard to forget about that he is upset. I guess I’m just scared to lose him. I just have not had these feelings for anyone for a LONG time and I only feel them towards him. I just don’t know how to approach him about this so I thought I should write about it. Maybe this well show him I how much I care. But, if not all I can say is I tried. I just don’t want to give up on him nor do I wanna give up on the thought of us. I guess I just feel broken.