Hire Mobile App Developers from Top 5 App Development Companies

Hire Mobile App Developers from top 5 Mobile App Development Companies

If you want to have a strong online presence and to extend your services to a greater audience, then yes, you need to hire a skilled mobile app developer.

The point is that a skilled developer has adequate experience and expertise in mobile app development is able to attend your queries in a much better way.

Hiring a skilled mobile app developer is equally important as having the right execution plan for any development be it website, app, product etc. If you choose the skilled mobile app developer the UI/UX of the app is taken care completely.

The most important things about the mobile app that is missing here are the speed of the app. Design and develop mobile apps in such a way that it opens with least possible loading time.

The best app development companies are the one who profile you quality work on time with an affordable price. Sometimes cost may be on a higher side but it is worth investing. Everything now a days has been commercialized so that is why people are more into mobile app development to spread awareness about everything. Health Care, Education, Media, Entertainment — every industry has demand of mobile apps.

Those firms that have app development infrastructure in place are able to create mobile apps on their own but those with no technological expertise are often late in embracing the mobile apps and taking advantages of the apps in wooing the users. For all such companies, outsourcing the mobile app development to niche firms is the best choice. Apart from saving big on resources, these companies can have their mobile app built by the experts.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies which provide dedicated Mobile App Developers

1. iMOBDEV Technologies : https://www.imobdevtech.com

iMOBDEV Technologies is a web and mobile app development and design firm based in Ahmadabad and has offices at Ontario, Dubai, and WestField, USA. It is an ISO certified company specializing in iOS, Android, Windows, cross-platform mobile apps using Titanium Framework and web design and development.

2. AppStudioz: http://www.appstudioz.com

It is a well-known mobile app development and design firm recently acquired by a Affle, a Singapore based company. AppStudioz has a global presence across a host of countries and has served over 150 clients from 25+ countries.

3. Contus: http://www.contus.com

The app development company was launched in the year 2008 and has been quite successful in creating a place for itself in the app development industry. There are about 200 developers working on different apps and have already accomplished more than 70 different mobile and web apps. Its global presence can be assessed from the fact that it has clients from 40+ countries.

4. KiwiTech: http://www.kiwitech.com

KiwiTech has developed many award-winning apps for clients like Intel, P&G, Dannon, Linux, etc. It has offices in Noida, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. The company develops mobile apps for platforms like Android, iOS, HTML5 and others. As of now, Kiwitech has delivered more than 850 projects.

5. Qburst: http://www.qburst.com

It is a Trivandrum based mobile app and cloud computing company that develops apps for platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and J2ME. QBurst has been in business for the past 11 years and has 650 accomplished projects in its kitty. Some of the clients that the company has served are National Geographic, DELL, Airtel, Burberry, etc.

Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer is more than just going to the “best place.” It’s knowing exactly what your project is and talking it over with the developer during the interview process. It’s also knowing the right interview questions to ask an app developer to assess their technical knowledge and skill.

Remember, preparation and research are key to a successful hire. Hope this post helps, and good luck finding your mobile app developer!