Seven Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Mobile App

Seven Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Mobile App

  • Stand Out From the Crowd A mobile app makes your dental practice stand out from your competitors. Your patients see you as being at the leading edge of technology, conversely if you don’t have an app the opposite applies
  • Referrals It is probably the best referral tool you can have to generate new patients, one click and patients can share your details with all their friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or text. They are automatically rewarded, as is the person who has been referred.
  • Loyalty Scheme It has an inbuilt loyalty scheme. All your patients do is scan a code when they come into your practice to benefit from the scheme
  • Push Messaging You can push messages out to everyone who has the app just like a text message, increasing the uptake of your offers. You can sent weekly oral health tips etc.
  • Appointment Request Patients can request an appointment slot directly from the app with a preferred time and date, you simply approve or contact them to propose a different date/time
  • Fail To Attend Whilst you’ll never stop people from not turning up for their appointment, you can do something about it. With push messaging if someone cancels their appoint at short notice, you can quickly send a message to everyone with the app offering them that slot.
  • All your Treatment In One Place Patients can see all your treatment with photographs and video in one place and then book them if they want.

Click On The Video Below For An Online Demo Of How The App Works

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