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If something is on the decline — a market, an industry, a tried-and-tested strategy — it means there is new life and growth elsewhere. So pack up, pick up your tent, and move on. Follow what’s alive.

In times of relentless change and uncertainty, we often have to adapt to working with limited resources.

But instead of reinventing the wheel, why not look to people who have done just that forever?

When I was 18, I travelled overland through the East, starting in India and winding my way through China, Siberia, and all the way back home to western Europe by train. I saw and lived many extraordinary things on that trip, but one experience really stands out: the time I spent with Mongolian nomads living in gers (yurts).

Along with their herds of horses they criss-cross the steppe, seeking fresh grasses in one of the driest places on earth. Mongolia can reach +50C in summer and -50C in winter, and any vegetables have to be imported from China, then preserved to last. …


Imogen Roy

Strategy Coach helping entrepreneurial people be more purposeful, productive and present in life and business | | @imogenroy

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