Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation is one of the technologies that will transform our world. These are technologies that drive societal changes but these technologies have always engendered concern and fear. According to a study from McKinsey Global Institute, suggests that by 2030 intelligent agents and robots could replace as much as 30 percent of the world’s current human labor. This shift has caused fear and concern, and in this post, I’ll be exploring where the impact of artificial intelligence will hit hardest, and the future.

Artificial intelligence refers to software technologies that make a robot or computer act and…

Various self-driving technologies have been developed by Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Google and Audi among the companies with systems ready to deploy. The most famous self-driving cars in existence today are those made by Tesla and Google. They take different approaches: Google is using lidar (a radar-like technology that uses light instead of radio waves) sensor technology and going straight to cars without steering wheels or foot pedals. Tesla has rolled out a software system called Autopilot, which employs high-tech camera sensors as a car’s “eyes,” to some of its cars already on the market.

There are three technologies that makes…

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