Out of Burney

7 July 2017

Woke up, packed up, hiked out first. I really need to do that more, since I never push more than 2-2.5 mph. I can do the distance, just not very fast. Plus I like the cool air in the morning. One it's much over 75° and the sun is shining on me, my speed and general enjoyment of the trail decrease to type 3 fun, which no one really wants to hear about.

(Early morning sun)

Ate breakfast with Butters, Necktie was long gone and Colonel Buck passed by while I was eating. We hiked out into an exposed climb. Butters insisted it wasn’t that bad. Really the grade was fine, but I HATED heat and exposed sun. So it was that bad. The sun shirt was doing its job though. My legs could fry for all I cared.

We were now hiking past Shasta. Shasta is a lady, we decided. Lassen was definitely a man, but Shasta was a madam. I liked her instantly. Butters was going to climb her, he insisted, before he headed back to LA. He was leaving soon. It would be different without him.

(One of the dams our hitch from the day before works on)

Lunch as a group, hiding in the constantly moving shade. I met Diggs, another thru hiker lady. She was super straight forward, but also laid back. I liked her. Apparently there are women on the trail. Go figure.

The afternoon I spent listening to Wizard & Glass on audiobook, part of the Dark Tower series. I listened to Roland's trials and tribulations while I experienced my own. I was last to camp, but there was plenty of time before the sun went away. Almost 19 miles, starting to get my legs back. I traded my freeze dried lasagna for Buck's spaghetti. Best decision. I ate the whole thing. Trying to eat better this year was definitely a priority.

A deer terrorized our camp this night. But no bears.

(First views of Shasta)

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