Surprise Redding Adventure

6 July 2017

We were supposed to hike out in the morning after I resupplied since my box hadn't arrived yet. That's not what happened. Instead we woke up to Butters missing a shoe. He'd left them outside the motel since they, quite frankly, smell like garbage. One was missing in the morning. Much teasing resulted in, "Yes, we'll go to Redding." Necktie needed to go too. He had holes in his shoes.

The morning consisted of mailing boxes and sorting things at the post office. It was enormously frustrating and this is the most trouble I've had with USPS since I started long distance hiking. So it goes.

Took a bus to Redding. An Uber to the gear shop. It was a local store, quite nice. Since I’ve worked at Lee’s I’m always interested in checking out other shops. This place was well stocked. I noted what they carried and didn’t carry. The lack of fun jerky was disappointing, but the rest was marvelous. I decided I would buy a ridiculous resupply here since I hadn’t gotten my resupply box for a second time.

Apparently I look like I know what I’m doing enough that I was asked for help by a customer. I politely gave them my opinion and then pointed out another employee who might have a better idea. Which then led to a conversation with a manager about working in gear shops and the differences between the west coast and the Midwest. This conversation went so well that I found myself with her keys in my hand. I decided to take them.

We went to Trader Joe's, a pharmacy, and Goodwill. I acquired the best resupply I've probably ever had and Necktie found a replacement for his destroyed tunic. Win win win. I didn't destroy her car and upon returning it, purchased the freeze dried meals and a sun shirt. "I'm giving you ten percent off, because you're in the industry," the manager informed me. She also mentioned that if I needed a job, there was one for me here. Such a victory.

(Awkward sun shirt selfie)

Bus back to Burney. McDonald's for the road before we hitched. Wildcat appeared!! We ate burgers and she mentioned joining us, although she wasn't hiking out until the morning. She would catch us.

Our hitch works on the dams in the area. He dropped us off at Burney Falls. We hiked down, they were beautiful. Ran into Snorkel, Simba, and Colonel Buck!! Camped with Buck just off the trail. So much running around. It was good to be back on trail. With good people.

(Burney Falls)

moon shined like a spotlight.