We have arrived in TAHOE. Finally. It’s gorgeous and significantly cooler than the 111°F we experienced at lower elevation. I hadn’t ever experienced heat quite like that and I’m not super eager to do it again. Butters then mentions “Hat Creek Rim” and “118°F last year” and my gut sinks a bit. Well. At least this heat wave is hopefully melting the snow??

Speaking of snow, I’ve been perusing the interwebs and Facebook groups to find out whether or not we should even hike out of Tahoe. At this point, I think we might get on further north instead. I’m not super happy about this, but the most recent report says that Tahoe to Truckee is a giant slush pile with extra sketchy water crossings and Dick’s Pass was a no go. It could ~maybe~ be better by now, but that group was forced to turn around and this was less than a week ago. So I guess I’ll suck it up and skip ahead a bit. So it goes.

Birthdays on trail are weird. Birthdays the day before you get on trail are extra weird. Last year I was sick as a dog and wound up hitching to the bay area from Onion Valley to recoup with one of my favorite people. This year was all the trail chores. Resupply, mail real people clothes home, shakedown again, mail extra/unnecessary gear home, have some feelings, return rental car, etc etc. I did acquire the sushi I’d been wanting for literally a year. But yeah. Weird day.

Tomorrow we hike out of Truckee and may or may not be able to hike through to Sierra City. Hopefully we don’t have to turn around. I’m looking forward to clearing my mind in nature, pushing my limits, calming down for five seconds, and acclimating to hiker trash lifestyle once again. Here’s to my “Spirit Quest.” ❤️