Introducing ImmersiveOS

It is an exciting day today for us. It is a great feeling to be able to share with the world something we believe is important and that we have been working hard on in stealth mode. Today we are launching our website and our white paper and we are starting to tell our story and share our dream with the world!

tl;dr : We are building a new operating system for augmented reality applications called ImmersiveOS with strong community features powered by blockchain technology.

We strongly believe that the world need such an OS to steer the future of interactive social experiences on mobile devices in a better direction from where things are headed today where closed platforms and isolated solitary VR and AR experiences.

In June, we have been working hard on our white paper, technology specifications, product plans and website. Our next milestone, planned for July 1st, 2017 is a token-sale of ImmersiveToken, the crypto-currency that is going to be powering the platform.

We are looking for dreamers, ace developers and visionaries who share our vision for an open, city-level augmented reality social applications outside of the dreaded feed to join us on our journey. Contact us if you are interested in participating in this decentralized and open project.

It is also encouraging for us to hear smart people in the blockchain space talking seriously about VR is a Killer App for Blockchains — we believe that the time is right for such a platform.

We plan to share more here in the coming days and weeks leading to our ICO. Follow us here on medium for project updates.

Onwards and upwards!