So Regrexit happened, now what?

#fuckbrexit protest in Parliament square

#fuckbrexit protest in Parliament square

For the shock and horror of Scotland and London, to be soon known as Scotlond, the UK actually voted to leave the EU. Going to work yesterday was weird. London felt quiet and sad, scared and also apologetic. The tube was empty in the morning, as most bankers slept in the City awaiting the carnage out of the vote. The rest of the crowds were just gloom and doom.


It is sad to see a country, in shock out of its own decision. Young people feel cheated, old people try to patronize them by saying it is about taking back control, and that £350 million a week that seems to have vanished from Nigel Farrage’s promises the moment the vote was won. So how does London feel at the moment? Confused and angry. Why do i say London and not UK? Well because to be honest the rest of the UK is irrelevant. London is the money maker, if this was a play London will be the prima ballerina and the rest of the UK will be back up dancers type of thing. All eyes are on the centre stage performer. And the centre stage performer is not happy.

A petition to allow London to be an independent state and apply to join the EU reached 100,000 signatures yesterday.

The older generation’s feeling of entitlement and superiority will diminish fast. Old people think that the EU, US and Asia care about the UK as a stand alone entity. Maybe, once upon a time but not now. The EU is fed up of the UK acting like a spoiled brat, and the European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker says he wants the UK out asap:

The big finance players are already putting contingency plans for moving their City of London workers to other European cities or in the US. So to summarise for the ones who felt they were superior and the world would bow in front of the UK — you made a decision have fun on on your island.

Also, I wonder all those people who voted out, you know the ones that use Thompson holidays to go to sun spots for like £200 for the family — would they be surprised when A)ticket prices will no longer be that and B) they will need to apply for visas for the whole family to go anywhere in Europe? Also, the UK might have always be privileged and lived life in the fast lane but now they will have the queue behind every other non EU citizen at airports, ports and train stations. And if any Brit thinks that the EU will be forgiving, think again. The region of Calais is already petitioning for UK border control to be moved back to UK soil and check passports there. This means all willing visitors will be granted passage from France and will end up on UK soil — that same fear that made the UK vote to leave. Isn’t that ironic?

It only proves that there needs to be a system which checks if people are suitable to vote — something like, oh wait your IQ is below average probably you should not be deciding the faith of millions of people??? Also, sorry old folks but you should not be deciding either, you have had your huuhaaa. It is time to chill in your Spanish homes that you soon won’t be able to afford, or will be banned form staying in as you have overstayed your visa:



I am saying ‘Thank you’ to all my British friends who actually feel embarrassed of their country at the moment. I love you all, and I think all of ‘the immigrants’ understand that London will miss us if we were to leave, and this was not about us necessarily. This was a vote of baby boomer nostalgia, stupidity and general lack of understanding of basic economic principles.

As the dolphins said in the famous movie interpretation of Isaac Asimov’s book ‘The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy’ — So long and thanks for all the fish ;) That is the song the City of London is singing right now.

Originally published at I am moving to London.